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Monday, September 03, 2007

So, it begins again . . .

Touring has become a way of life for me, something I've grow to accept, with both my love and hate for it. It's part of my cycle of life, like a season. Life on the road is nothing new for me, but with each tour that comes along, it always feels like a chance at a fresh start. Why? I don't know. I suppose it has to deal with making things better; that is, being better as a band, better as in the show production, better as in the type of vehicle we travel in, better as I am as a human being interacting positively with the world around me, etc. It can be very strange and very stressful at times, but hopefully, that's when I step up to the challenge. Regardless, it has begun. I'm on the road right now, after a few long days of rehearsals, attempting to relax and remind myself what this is all about: music.

Concerning this blog, I'm trying to decide how to continue filming bass lessons. I'll do my best to make it interesting; I'm just not sure how the quality is going to be. Anyhow, I hope to come up with something. Stay tuned . . .


m@ said...

take your time. i'm waaaaaaaaaay behind on the modes

matt said...

Good luck on the tour. I heard you guys were going to be on Boston radio tomorrow before the show. I'll be listening.

Kevin Decker said...

Roy, Love the post! Its exciting to hear your take on touring. Hard to imagine Mute Math needing to work on their show, but on the other hand your show set the bar so high... Now you have to top yourself to progress. Its like the first Matrix movie, It was so good... after that where can ya go? lol! I know you guys will go where no band has gone before. I'll be taking notes!

Are you shooting your lessons on a Mac Book?


Martyne said...

Good luck with this tour, Roy! Can't wait 'til you boys come to my area. Congrats on everything!! It's surreal sometimes for me to think back to when I first heard of you, fine gentlemen and how far you've all come :)

Jen said...

Roy! I'm keeping you guys in my prayers during your tour - safe travel, plenty of rest and health, (your families, too), etc.

Assuming I'm still in this apt. during your next tour, and you're swinging from MA to Canada or vice versa and pass through NH, I'd love to have you guys over for a bit. Give you a chance to get some home cookin' or a non-mobile bathroom break. (If places were reversed, I think I'd personally prefer the latter...)

I'm planning to fly down to see you guys again on this tour (I was at the Boston one -- my first). Hope to meet you all one of these days, but in the meantime, or if that never happens, the blogs are great. Thanks for letting us in your world(s).

God bless!

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