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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jimmy Kimmel: 9.18.07

We did it. I can't believe it, but we pulled it off, thanks to the help of a lot of willing people. We re-created and in some ways, re-interpreted our video for "Typical" on national t.v.

In the midst of the chaos of silly string and confetti, the blur of the moment got blurrier. That is, I broken my glasses and broke a bass in half. I lost my specs at the beginning of the shoot. You may see me searching for them on t.v., but to no avail.

I can't wait to see it air tonight on Kimmel. Again, Jimmy was really kind and nice to us, saying that he "loved us." I don't think any other late night show would have been able to do this. The amount of planning and work was heavy, and the willingness to pull it all off was impressive.

If you can, try to watch it later on tonight. God bless.



Kim B. said...

I can not wait for this!

Sorry about your glasses.

Melanie said...

OH, I was so anxious that I tried to watch it last night. LOL

I'm really sorry about your glasses and bass. :( I know that I really can't see much of anything without my glasses. I'd be lost. Hope you were able to get them replaced or fixed asap.

I've always heard that Kimmel is exceptionally nice. He's always impressed me that way.

Me and the tv have a date tonight. :)

God's blessings,

Kevin Decker said...

COOL! I can tell from your post that you are truly excited about this and that transfers to all your blog readers! Well, you can be sure that thousands of Mm fans are going to be on the edge of their seat! I can't wait to see it!

Kevin Decker said...

You said you broke "a bass" rather than saying "my bass" I do hope this means that "your" fender(s) are still in one piece. ;) Didn't Paul break his keytar last time you rocked kimmel? You can get new specs at the mall but go easy on the vintage gear o.k. :) lol!

Bertman316 said...

This is certaily some kind of peak experience! You guys are conquering Late Night TV! Maybe you should perform upside-down on Conan.....
Broke your glasses, eh? Better save a tape of tonight's show; but if it looks a little strange to you without glasses, I guess that's OK (since it looks a little strange WITH glasses, too!)
Darren could lend you his glasses, but then everybody would be able to figure out he's really Superman.

Elliot said...

I've been looking forward to seeing this ever since I heard about it. I hope someone posts it on YouTube otherwise I'll be in withdrawels for years... residing way down in NZ and all...

On that *cough* come to NZ soon *cough*...

Loretta said...

Y tu tambien a bendigas. ;-)

Lo siento de enterarse de sus lentes y con trabajo chiquitito.

El viernes. . . ¡Yo no puedo esperar!!! WOOO HOOO!!!!

Chris said...

roy, that was just about the coolest thing i've ever seen done on late night tv. i need to see it again. i'm definately counting on youtube.

and it would be pretty cool if we could see you all doing it in forward motion (just like how you showed us in the original music video), if that's possible.

forward motion kind of feels like a wierd thing to say.

mute math are gaining a pretty sizable allegiance of fans now, but it's doing stuff like this that makes me say that you guys deserve all the success you get. you're so far ahead of the curve. way to set the standard.

Martyne said...

the performance was ASTOUNDING! I'm so proud of you guys...wow. I noticed you didn't have your glasses on and wondering, "Oh, maybe he got contacts?" Haha. I hope they can be fixed; those glasses you wear are one of a kind!

Loretta said...

That was sooooo amazing!!!

Estoy enganchada con Mute Math!!!!

matt said...

The ending (or beginning as you were performing it) was pure magic.

Switchfootprincess said...

wow, I'm so glad you guys pulled it off! that sounds like fun!!! can't wait to see it!!!

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).