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Monday, September 17, 2007

9.16.07: Victoria, BC: Sugar & 9.17.07: Vancouver, BC: Commodore

Cold. Rainy. Dark day for me in Victoria. Unfortunately, these days come around sometimes, and personally, I'd like to forget it and move on. Vancouver, here we come.

--------------a boat ride & eight hours of sleep later----------------------------

In Vancouver, I saw some awesome dogs today, which always brighten my day:

This venue looks amazing!I can't believe we are playing here. I'm really stoked about tonight, especially since the last two haven't been so great. Thank God this day has come!

Here are some pictures from Vancouver, taken by Chad Koehn:



Melanie said...

The black dog has a beautiful coat on. :) I put links to a few more Calif. dogs on your blog a few days back. Mine had a good work out today. A friend from church came over and we picked apples and then cleaned up under the tree and played ball with the dogs. They loved it.

So glad you get to play in a nice place tonight. I have a feeling Vancouver is in for a real treat. :)

carl sheldon said...

i am anxiously counting down the hours until the show starts.

the venue is fantastic... some real history there. u2, the clash, ramones, the police, james brown, nirvana, and count basie among many others.

hope you guys are energized and refreshed for this one!

Jen said...

Which venue is it? Any pics of it?
Hope it went well.

carl sheldon said...

well done boys. even better than the last time you were here in april. you sounded spot on!

certainly didn't notice any hiccups on my end - and paul did an extended handstand/backflip session during break the same... definitely a highlight.

the venue was the commodore ballroom

Loretta said...

Victoria...not unfortunate, but fortunate.

Vancouver. . .

F R E A K I N'




I don't know about you. . . (well. . . I do know about you ;-) But I felt like a proud mom. Your mom would be proud!!!! I mean, because if I am, she HAS to be, verdad? . . . claro.

What an amazing weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Philemon Thomas said...

hey roy! it's phil - was great to meet you at victoria and vancouver. sound and venue was 10x better in vancouver, but you guys did great both nights. will be emailing you soon, on my way out to school now, but thought I'd say hi on here first! peace,

Bertman316 said...

The first dog pictured looks so bizzare to me. It looks like he's been arrested for impersonating a werewolf, and is sitting there handcuffed, waiting for the police wagon.
...is it just me?

Martyne said...

Wow, I thought the SAME thing as Bert! I guess it's us, New Yorkers :)

Switchfootprincess said...

I'm glad things have been going on very well!!! I guess if you go to some major towns the shows get a lil' better. :D hope it continues to be that way!

maria said...

I love that you posted Chad's pics:)
I'm so proud.

Loretta said...

GO CHAD!!!!!!

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).