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Saturday, July 24, 2010


During MM's last tour with 30STM, I was having trouble with my right in-ear monitor; it was "shorting-out," that is, the cable was not making the proper connection and cutting in-and-out (not a good thing while on stage!). This is one of the most frustrating things, and it's extremely difficult to play when your music and your cues are sporadically firing and miss-firing. This was not the first time I had trouble with the cabling of these particular in-ear monitors; namely, on the Armistice Fall Tour, I did over half the tour with just generic Shure E5s.

Fortunately, on the 30STM, I ran into a friend who told me he could help me with my monitoring problem. He was making and designing his own in-ear monitors (with a company called  CLEAR TUNE MONITORS). I was skeptical at first because this type of product is no easy thing to do, but I heard him out.

We got in touch later at another MM show, where backstage he made the custom-fit molds in order to design me a triple driver mold and a re-mold [or "over-mold"] of my generic E5s; that is, he took my back-up Shure E5s (which only have a generic ear piece, like any over-the-counter earbud) and created a custom-fitted mold for them. Genius! Now, for a super low cost, I had an amazing, reliable, new in-ear mold with a pair of great custom-fit back-ups.

Below is a picture of me going through the molding process, which will stay on electronic file:

Well, today came the "moment of truth" because up to this point, I had only used my E5 re-molds (specifically for the Rock al Parque show in Colombia), which worked and sounded wonderful. However, I still hadn't experienced his brand of in-ears until today, and I am absolutely blown away with my triple driver in-ears! Triple-driver means that there are three miniature speakers inside the mold that handles different ranges of frequencies (namely, the high, mids, and lows).

I remember being really excited the day my first set of custom in-ears came in (around 2006 while on the road with MM), but this triple driver has completely trumped that experience!

These new in-ears have made me want to listen to music non-stop all day. I've been "rediscovering" all favorite recordings and enjoying this deep, multi-dimensional aural experience. So, I had to extend this experience to my other favor form of expression: writing. Thanks for listening.

Next stop: Japan, Fuji Rock Fest.

Check them out by the way; they are super affordable products and it's not just for professional musicians (great stuff for iPod users, etc.)  CLEAR TUNE MONITORS.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Mil Gracias Colombia!!!

De parte de Mute Math y con todo mi cariño, quiero agradecer a nuestro querido público Colombiano por darnos una experiencia espectacular. Me la pasé súper chévere, muy bacano. Mil gracias amigos y espero volver pronto. Hasta la próxima, ciao! -Roy

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).