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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Update 2019: Solo album, Bass course, Elektro Kids, & more

Hello my friend, welcome to a new year! 
2018 was full of lots of positive and exciting changes for me and my family, and these things will continue into 2019. 
Here's a quick highlight update:
1. RMC Solo album: I've had the idea of doing a solo record for years, and it's slowly coming together. I've been working with a producer friend of mine Dan Brigham on a new instrumental project. It's all things groove, vibe, and bass.
2. RMC Bass Methodology: I was a music educator long before I joined Mutemath 2005, and it's something I've enjoyed doing and developed for many years. I currently teach privately in Nashville, TN and via Skype, but quite some time, I've been wanting to create my own personalized bass course that explains my methodology in a concise and systematic fashion. Well, it's in the works. Announcements will be made soon.
3. Elektro Kids, LLC: another passion of mine has been creating songs with my kids. Elektro Kids, LLC grew out of this fun way for my family and I to learn new things together. The mission of Elektro Kids is to educate kids with music in fun and positive ways about as many cultures as possible. Please check out the YouTube page and www.elektrokids.com for more info.

4. Sessions, Sample Fuzz Audio, The Pink Dust, and more: I've also been doing other things, such as bass and guitar sessions in Nashville, co-writing and co-producing sessions, and building Sample Fuzz Audio libraries (although this has slowed down considerably). Please stay in tune or contact me at samplefuzzaudio @ gmail.com for any work inquiries.
May your year of 2019 be full of peace, love, and prosperity!

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).