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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Montreal, QC: Le National: 9.5.07

I woke up around 9:30am to go into the immigration building. Cold air and artificial light flooded the office. Pictures of missing persons covered the wall. Signs in French and English are posted everywhere, and I pass the time reading them all. I think about only the one or two French phrases I know.

There is always this ego trip thing happening with at least one of the agents. I can't stand being in these places, but I have no choice. After some time of sitting and waiting, we make our way onto the venue in Montreal.

We've never played at Le National before, and I must say that it is pretty amazing. Small theaters are always nice to perform in. The vibe of the place is so important, and can sometimes make or break a show. Thankfully, we are playing a lot of small theaters on this tour.

Later on, I'll report on the show, which I predict is going to be crazy (it always is in Montreal), and hopefully, I'll have some pictures and videos to share as well. Au revoir!

I know this is really low-fi, but it's fun to do while on stage. Perhaps, I can figure out a way to get it sounding and looking better. Stay tuned . . .



Loretta said...

A ver, ¿Es eso tu nombre con BEBEL???

It sure is. . . iclaro que sí!

Pues, ya mi voy a ver Bebel a lunes. . . queres a ir conmigo?? Y Wendy tambien!! No trabajas ese día!
Eric está triste que él no la verá, pero he will be in Alaska fishing with his dad.
Iré sólo if no one can go with me. . . I will not miss seeing her!!
Ella estará en el Showbox, si queres a ir.


Kevin Decker said...

Is Paul wearing a guitar in the last pic?
Is this part of the new show????

Martyne said...

AHHH that was awesome! Recording things in the moment...trust me, it doesn't have to have better quality or anything. It's great the way it is! Raw and real :)

Melanie said...

Loretta, definitely go alone if you have to. I always do. LOL There are sometimes advantages, and I always meet people.

Roy, you and French probably are about like me and Spanish. LOL I get words here and there and I know a few formal phrases. It would probably make you laugh. LOL

I love that photo of you. Wow, your hair is really getting long!
(If you want it trimmed, let me know. I'll see if my daughter has the night off. LOL She's licensed.) ;)

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