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Saturday, September 15, 2007

9.14.07: The Warehouse: Calgary, AB

Wow, this show was really rough for us, probably one of the roughest in the past year. First of all, we couldn't take in a fraction of our production (lights, video, monitor desk, etc.) because the club was ill equipped, namely, poor power, few loaders, no space, and no time! (apparently this place becomes a dance nightclub full druggies at 9pm, and they made us absolutely clear out before 9pm-thus, no encore even though I understood that people cheered on for a good bit. Sorry!). Lack of production led to us not having adequate monitors, i.e., if you can't hear yourself, you're not going to play well. Are you still with me? Think about that the next time your watching a t.v. performance of your favorite band or an episode of American Idol. You'd be surprised that many of these shows can't get monitors straight, or something goes wrong between soundcheck (if there even is a soundcheck) and performance time, which 9 times out of ten monitors always sound different because the room changes, i.e., it fills up with people, well hopefully. So, it's easy to judge from a distance, especially when you don't know what has gone down behind the scene.

So, despite our not-so-great-performance, the crowd was very nice and tolerant of our misgivings. Thank you, Calgary. Next time, it will be better.

I'll leave you with an old show:



Melanie said...

Wow, that does sound rough. I know as far as vocals go, if I can't hear myself sing, you probably don't want to hear me at all. LOL I don't think the place here has enough power for your full lights, but I think the rest usually works out. I do think they were pushing you guys out kinda early once because there is a gay night at the club, but at least it wasn't until 10. LOL I hope things go better from here on out. I bet you are being really hard on yourself and it was better than you think, though. I just have a feeling.

Anyway, I spent my night outside Club Sound handing out your tour schedule, letting people who hadn't heard you before listen on my cd player and telling them of the show here on Oct. 2. I'd never heard the Editors before, and I left after their second song. I could pretty much hear everything outside. Wow, that guy has a deep voice.

Oh, and I thought of you because there was a Mexican Independence Day celebration across the street. I had a shredded beef taco and a fruit cup with lime and listened to music for a bit before people started to line up at the club. The taco was excellent albeit a tad salty. :) It got rather busy there as the night wore on.


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Martyne said...

ah, my favorite line: "there is no better loss than to lose myself...in You." :)

Switchfootprincess said...

oooo techincal difficulties! dude, that sucks....but I guess everything turned out relatively well huh?

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).