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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

09.11.07: Winnipeg, MB: West End Cultural Centre

After two days of being in "the-middle-of-no-where, Canada" without cell phone service and internet, it's nice to be in a place that provides such lifelines. I can understand how there is a certain beauty to being disconnected, out in the big wide open spaces, basking in the breath-taking scenes of creation, but that's great when you are with your better-half perhaps; in other words, touring is already hard (i.e., being away from my family and home), but without these electrical lifelines, it really sucks.

So, finally, we are in Winnipeg, MB, and I believe that we'll have a nice show tonight. I pray that the sound system is in check. You never know with these small cities. Regardless, we'll make the best of it.

Today marks six years since the 9.11 attacks. It also marks one year since I closed on my house. I vividly remember both days, one of horror and fear and the other of joy and fear!

Another mark for this seemingly ominous day is the death of Joe Zawinul. The headline reads: "Jazz Legend Joe Zawinul Dies at 75 . . . Joe Zawinul, who soared to fame as one of the creators of jazz fusion and performed and recorded with Miles Davis . . . Zawinul suffered from a rare form of skin cancer . . . Zawinul, who was born in the Austrian capital, Vienna, and emigrated to the United States in 1959, is credited with bringing the electric piano and synthesizer into the jazz mainstream . . . Zawinul wrote several important songs, among them the slow and funky hit 'Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.'"

I'll report back on the show later this evening. Au revoir!

ps. I'm addicted to this video:

Tonight's show went well. First of all, it was a sell-out, which is always nice, especially since we've never been here before. I was feeling a bit out-of-it during the show; however, things turned around when we hit "Obsolete," namely because I felt like I connected with the vibe of the music. Unfortunately, we couldn't use any of our lights tonight due to inadequate power. Hopefully, next time we come around, we'll be able to do so. The pictures above were hanging in the venue; the first is of a painting down on plywood. The second is one of my favorite guitarist. Next city: Regina.



Loretta said...


Mr. Joe Zawinul the best musician in the world, starts the new tour in Paradise.
from http://www.zawinulsite.com/

Wow, what a shock!
Although we have lost undeniably one of the greatest musicians of the 20th & 21st Century, his music, every appearance he made on other artists LP's & live, will live on and on an on.

Eric is fishing in Alaska con su papá and will be back this week, I am sure when he finds out, he too, will be saddened by the news, as he has always been a huge fan of JZ and owns every Weather Report LP and even some of Joe's music.

I, too remember when you bought your house. . . it was such a "God thing!"

The video is a trip!

9/11. . . we cannot allow ourselves to become callous and forget.

Switchfootprincess said...

Hello Roy!
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As I got more and more into your music I started realizing that I hadn't really seen many MM fansites except for one. Switchfoot has so many fansites (believe me, every switchfoot fan creates a switchfoot fansite at least once in their switchfoot fan time) and MM hardly any. So I decided to create one.
I'm 15, don't have a job, don't know much about computers, I live in Portugal which doesn't have the greatest resources but I wanted to offer something to you guys or just keep a website so I could keep track of the stuff that you guys do.

If you have the time you can go check it out, it's not much, something small and you can check it out if you want to. www.freewebs.com/breakingthespellofthetypical

My dream is to see you guys live, which is hard to do since I live in Portugal but I hope to be able to see you guys if I get to go to America for college. :) God bless and keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

I love that video as well. Thanks for sharing. I've been spinning the song in the car for a bit now.

Anonymous said...

:( Sorry touring is hard already. I think it's really great how much you love and miss your wife though. It's touching to a woman's soul. I'm sure she feels the same.

I also love that video, but for a different reason I'm sure. :) (Have a little crush on Mr. King...) (Which I'll get over someday, but for now I intend to enjoy it.)

Anyhow... Hope the rest of Canada goes well and those technical blackouts are few and far between.


Melanie said...

The first video is gorgeous, the second one is weird. LOL It is rather cool how they kept changing the tees, though.

Sorry to hear about the death of Mr. Zawinul. Wouldn't it be something to be able to have such an impact in our world?

The day our house finally closed and we moved in a tornado hit downtown Salt Lake City which is about 1/2 or so away. I had no idea. It must have felt a little bittersweet closing on Sept. 11. Most certainly buying a house is wonderful and scary at the same time.

Sorry you had to do without the contact for a bit. I know it must be hard enough just being on the road. Wendy is such a sweetheart that you must miss her terribly when you can't communicate.

Looking forward to hearing about the show.

Anonymous said...

Hey! The video changed. This one makes more sense for you to be addicted to though I suppose. :)

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).