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Friday, September 14, 2007

9.13.07: Edmonton, AB: Dinwoodie Lounge

Our time in Edmonton was nice I must say. It was beautiful weather, sunny and cool. What a change from Regina, eh? Despite the weather and location, the Regina show went well. Darren and I went to a radio station (Sonic 102.9) in the afternoon, and had a good little interview, which apparently aired later in the day. After our interview, my day really brighten up when I saw this amazing dog hanging outside of Starbucks, which by the way, I hadn't gone to S-bucks in quite a while. I wanted to take this little thing with me. He reminded me of my sweeties.

Here are some pictures of the day:



Jen said...


1. You're bored? That can't be good... /:o

2. Darren is holding an acousitc guitar. It took me a second to go, wait, what? I've seen all of you drumming things, but never Darren "playing" something else. (Is that the anti-boredom solution?) :D

3. Proving I read way too many Highlight's magazines at the dentist's as a child, Darren said the bassist's right thumb and the left thumb appeared... Still thought it was cute, though (in a manly sort of way, naturally)

4. Darren looks like a crack reporter in that top pic. :) (I like the hat.) (I do.)

5. The Sonic chick pic -- ouch. Creepy. :S

6. I did a lot of Darren commenting in your blog. That doesn't seem quite right... "Yay, Roy!" Hmm. Lacking something... I'll work on it for next time. :/

Melanie said...

The weather indeed sounds nice. It was beautiful and breezy here today, which was a nice change from the heat of two days ago. I'm glad the Regina show went well.

I thing that clock is really cool.

I love the pic of Darren in the hat as well, and with the superman tee in the background it almost reminds me of a comic. ;) Can't you see Darren playing Dick Tracy.. not sure where Superman would fit into that scenario. LOL

I hope the sweet thing was friendly. I'm guessing so as you didn't mention stitches. LOL ;) JK On my journey from CA, I kept running into dogs... two cute dachsies and a white chihuahua puppy.. that thing was adorable, and I'm not big into chihuahua's. I hope you have many more bright days. Guess I'll have to bring my dog for Salt Lake City. We want you happy here. LOL ;) Of course, that would probably be a royal disaster. LOL

O.K. I'm a little silly today.


maria said...

It's 4am Saturday and we just got back to home here in Vancouver from Edmonton. Wednesday night we started the road trip after work and drove from 10:30pm-9am to see the Thursday show. It was so worth it. We are leaving for our next MM show in 28 hours!! Love being able to hit so many we are so spoiled. I'd like to request my favorite song. Can the band PLEASE play PICTURE!!! Since I am a photographer it is special to me:) Enjoy your day off in Victoria. BTW the new song ROCKS!!!

maria said...

You'll be happy that there is a STARBUCKS right across the street from the club Sugar in Victoria! If you go in look at the bulletin board you should see the poster we put up for the MM show!!

Bertman316 said...

Yeah... looked like a left-handed thumb to me.

Switchfootprincess said...

I'm glad you're feeling better Roy! Haha, that Darren video is pretty cool. :) Starbucks! I've never been to one, but I hope to get to one soon. :)

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).