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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ottawa, ON: Capital Music Hall: 9.06.07

Today's load-in was really rough. It can be summed up in one word: stairs! It's nice having a crew, which means most of the time the band doesn't have to load in and out; however, when days like today come by, it's hard just to sit back and watch. Greg worked his butt off this morning, when he didn't have to at all. Much respect to him and our crew! Don't worry. I threw in my two-cents worth, too.

So, this is only our second time playing Ottawa; the first was The Blues Fest this past summer, which I have to admit was a bit strange; however, the fans here were really great, and I can't wait to see them again. Tonight's show should be a good one because of them. More will come later . . .



Martyne said...

I love it that you're posting more often now that you're on tour..

My favorite Canadian, Maria, who's your promoter over there is going to 6 shows in a row! You must have seen her already..she's awesome.

Melanie said...

I know exactly what you mean about watching. You know I always come really early, and I always feel strange just watching everyone else work. I know about stairs, too. I live in a split-level entry home. LOL At least I don't have to bring heavy amps in.

Sounds like the shows are going well, which is great! :)

BTW, just got the promo materials for your concert on Oct. 2. I'm so looking forward to it.

Kevin Decker said...

Stairs! Yuck! My studio has been in the basement for the last 7 years. Stairs are a bummer.

We are pushing for everyone here to go to the Oct 2nd and 4th show(s)!

Melanie, I have some crazy relatives in Salt Lake. I think they are coming to your house for dinner! ;) kidding. lol!

Have a great show Roy. Hope to see pics from today's adventure!

maria said...

Roy keep blogging during the tour because I love it!! That is so cute Martyne thinks I have already been to a show but not for another week it is KILLING ME! can't wait till you hit the WEST. I'll be seeing you in Edmonton. You'll meet my new assistant Michelle in Winnipeg 2 days before the Edmonton show we were scheduled to see together. So excited for her as this is her first MM show!!! Am sad I can't be there with her since I turned her into such a hardcore. Enjoyed the video blog from Europe too:) Have a good show tonight you should be on soon.
Keep rocking!!

Melanie said...

Kevin, They have to find the house first? LOL How crazy are they? ;)

Kevin, you wanna help out with the street team? :)


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