Summer 2016: The Forum, Los Angeles, CA (photo by David Tosti)
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Friday, August 31, 2007

Mute Math in the UK: 8/2007

The song used in this video is called "Maquinismo." It is an old track I made for a friend's short film called "There is No Heroin in Heaven." I don't think the film has ever been finished.



Melanie said...

Cool video. Some interesting shots. I like the one of you poking your head up in the midst of the botanical garden. It looks like they had a lot of succulents there. My mom-in-law would love that.

Chris said...

Who is the song you use by?

Martyne said...

delightful :)

Chris said...

you should post this track somewhere so I can listen to it on it's own...

Jennifer said...

I like the video and the song. Was Darren sleeping under a table somewhere in there, or was I imagining things? (it is past my bed time)

I also liked the head in the garden still and the "Kilton" {snicker}... Creative folks over there.


P.S. - Thank you for not maiming that pedestrian, Mr. Van driver.

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).