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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First Rehearsals for New Tour

We started rehearsals for the new tour yesterday, and I'm very excited. I think we are stepping it up even more on this tour, with new production, new venues, and a few new songs. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are confident that we can accomplish what needs to be taken care of before we leave for England.

Yesterday, tackled a new song together. It was the same usual emotional roller coaster that we each go through while writing new material. It just so close and personal that certain things can get touchy; however, we know better than to let it get to us. Well, hopefully, we do.



Loretta said...

¿QuĂ© pasa con las fotos?

Loretta said...

Forgot to type in my thought. . .

Looking forward to this season's MM experience.

The emotional roller coaster. . . at least you are guys dealing w/the touchee stuff. . . if it were 4 women, "knowing better" would be thrown out the window and lettin' ourselves get to us would dominate!

You know we are praying that while you prepare, rehearse, tackle, that you are "bringing into captivity every thought" and having a righteous bad a** time together!!!!

C A N ' T W A I T ! !

Anonymous said...

Hey Roy! I've been a Mute Math fan since '04. Nice blog you have here. A couple questions, if you would indulge me:

1.) Do you have any process for coming up with certain repeating grooves like the one in Chaos or the new one in the song Voice?

2.) The self-titled album seemed overproduced in some aspects to me, as compared with the Reset EP. For instance the guitar in the chorus of Chaos or the drums in Noticed. Would you change any aspect of the self-titled album if you could?

Thanks. I'll be at the show at Irving Plaza in NYC in October. I'm looking forward to hearing the new songs you guys have cooking!

Melanie said...

Judging by past experience I have every confidence that the show will be simply unbelievable as it always is, and the new music will be well worth listening to. I can't wait!!

And Loretta, somehow I never would have put bringing into captivity every thought and having a bad a** time in the same sentence. LOL It made me chuckle.

Loretta said...

Well Melanie, you know that the enemy's desire is to kill, steal and destroy.

If he can convince us to focus on "certain things" as Roy put it, then working at having a good time becomes harder, because he (the enemy) has succeeded in getting the flesh, i.e. feelings being the focus and working together a team ceases.

Having a "righteous bad a** time" is the reward of taking every thought captive and a slap in the face to the enemy.

Glad you found that funny.

I did, too!

Bertman316 said...

Hmmmm. Are we supposed to be seeing images where those empty boxes are?
Anyway -- 'can't wait 'till the NYC show ....we'll be working to support the whole effort.
Love what you guys are doing with Voice....

Melanie said...

Loretta... it wasn't having a good time that made me chuckle, it was the way you said it. And it did make me laugh.

Somehow I was thinking abou things getting "touchy" and picturing Darren throwing sticks and Roy hitting someone over the head with the the "gong" and Paul breaking his keytar. LOL In slapstick sort of fashion... no one gets hurt. Seemed like it would make for a great three stooges movie... not sure why I am just picturing Greg looking on. LOL O.K. Maybe a silly picture for the next time things get too serious.

Yes, I am weird. LOL

Martyne said...

exciting... VERY exciting. The Irving date better come fast! :)

demilu said...

hope you're well, kicking off the tour and such! always good to hear from you.

Kim B. said...

Darren King is drumming up the newspaper? Very nice, and happy touring.

Jen said...

Hmm. Know that feeling.

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).