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Monday, September 10, 2007

9.8.07: Toronto, ON: V-Fest

This was a night to remember: Bjork, MIA, Paolo, Interpol, did I mention Bjork?

First of all, just headlining the second largest stage was really cool, and then, seeing Paolo Nutini out in the crowd watching us was the icing. I dig his voice. When we were first setting up, I was bit nervous as only about 20 people were out front, but as the night went on, the people came. I think that was our first time headlining a stage at a festival. The next night of the festival, the Editors headlined that stage.

Then, the strawberry on top of that icing was seeing Bjork, not only live (which was utterly amazing) but also being back stage with her. I hear she doesn't care for pictures too much; so, I didn't pry to get a picture with her. Her voice was flawless. The beats and horn section sounded ridiculously good. Song after song, I was singing along, and my heart jumped when a song started because it seemed like she was playing all my favorites, from "Joga" and "All Is Full of Love" to "Hyper Ballad" and "Unravel."

Waiting on the pier.

backstage on the picnic tables.

M.I.A. rocked it.



Loretta said...

Sounds like it was an incredible night!!!

Nice to know you sing along, too.

Eric kept shhhing me when we went to see Stevie Wonder last week!! It was too hard to keep quiet.

I HAD to sing when sang all my favs like "Visions," "Livin' for the City," "Sir Duke" "I Wish" "Signed, Sealed Delivered,"

And you know I screamed like a girl when he did, "Higher Ground." I thought I was gonna lose it right then and there!!!

I wasn't alone with the screams and the singing!

Hey. . . this is so cool!!!
You've approached the beginning. . . but many more memorable nights like this await you.

Melanie said...

Loretta, you got to see Stevie Wonder? That's so cool. LOL

Roy, sounds like a great show. I love the pics on the pier. You should always be playing the main stage, but I will secretly miss the smaller shows when that happens. I was talking about you guys (and you) to a band called "Among the Thirsty" last night. We all love ya. I can't wait to see you on Oct. 2. I'm supposed to promote at the Editors concert. Are they good?

Loretta said...

Yes . . . Stevie Wonder. . . it was amazing!!
What was even better, was that the venue was a winery. So it was small. He hadn't performed in Seattle in over 20 years and hadn't toured in 12.
I wish we could have taken pics, but security was pretty high.
Oh well.

Melanie said...

Yea, the "no picture" policies bum me big time. LOL I'm a concert fanatic, and a concert picture fanatic, too. LOL

Bertman316 said...

Speaking of Bjork -- have you seen 'Dancer in the Dark?' It's an amazing film - her acting is so invisible. Not a lot of fun (for sure) but a memorable and impressive piece of film making.

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).