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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

10.10.06-Revolution Music Room:Little Rock, AR

Just in case you didn't know, Rumba is a style of music, and in Cuba it has various forms.

Hay tres variantes principales del complejo de la
danza denominada rumba cubana:
  • el Guaguancó, (La Habana)
  • la Columbia, (Matanzas)
  • el Yambú. (Matanzas)

La instrumentación para la rumba

incluye tres tumbadoras (la tumbadora es un tambor inventado

en Cuba que, a diferencia de los africanos, tiene llaves; se puede afinar, y escribir partituras. Hoy es universal) y dos palillos que repiquetean sobre una caja de madera.

Dos de los tambores, (la tumbadora prima y el segundo o tres), marcan el ritmo básico; la tercera tumbadora llamada "quinto"(que se afina más alto), da los golpes improvisados, los floreos dirigidos a los bailarines.

I love Cuban music, Cuban culture, and most of all, Cuban food. However, it's pretty sad and (some what insulting) when restaurants claim to have Cuban food, but they are not even in the ballpark. Unfortunately, I experienced this yesterday in Little Rock, but I'm going to leave it at that because everything else regarding this city, the decorative venue, and the fans was wonderful. We had a surprisingly great turn out of enthusiastic people even though this was only our second time placing here; they definitely made me forget about my disappointing food experience. I guess I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to that, especially after being married to a beautiful women who can cook they real stuff. God, I miss my wife!


Loretta S. said...

Apparently, hay muchos más bailes que viene de Cuba dice ths website: http://www.mamborama.com/cuba_music.html

Aí, mijo, esa cosa que tú dijo acerca de Wendy me hizo tan triste.

What you are doing, what you are experiencing, what you giving of yourself does have its costs. ¡Pero las recompensas serán gran! Y sé que tú será bendecido.

Recuerda, as you and Wendy grow in your marriage, you are becoming more like Him. . . HOLY. That is why it is a "sacred marriage." ;-)

Soy oro a para ti y para Wendy y que el Señor protegerá su casamiento.

iQuieres bailar con Wendy! Pronto, mijo, muy pronto.

And hey! Let's not talk about bad restaurants!!! Can you spell S H I N E E Z E ?

Siempre orar para ti y para cada persona preciosa que estás contigo.

Su amiga que cuida para mencionarle bastante al Señor

(oye, espero que mi español no sea demasiado malo. ¡Trato de hacer mi mejor!)

alex Warren said...

mr. roy,
hi. my name is jim haskins with the tennessee irs commission. you are long overdue on your taxes and your belongings will be liquidated accordingly.
yours truly,

Melanie said...

Wow.. I can actually figure out some of what you said. I wish my spanish was better, though. :(

About the food... I went to Ensenada on a cruise and the tour guide pointed out the fast food places and said we would not see a Taco Bell.. because that wasn't really mexican food. LOL I was by myself so I pretty much stayed in the "safe" tourist zones.

Sorry the food was disappointing, but glad to hear things were good overall... and if it serves as a reminder of your sweet wife, then that must be why you were meant to be there? ;) I should say a prayer for her as you are on the road.

Jessilyn said...

You are making me hungry...I miss home cooked Yucca, black beans over rice...yummmm

Typo Panther said...

mojito's anyone?

(Closest I've gotten to authentic is El Salvador)

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).