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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

9.28.06-Off Day in Cortez, CO

As I have mentioned before, days off are often the most difficult while on the road. This is mainly because I believe that if I'm out on the road, away from my family and home, I want to be working, not wasting time somewhere in the middle of the country. Thankfully, on this tour, we haven't had too many "off days" and on those days, we've haven't thrown them away by ill planning (another pet peeve of mine).

Regardless, it's been therapeutic for me to keep up with this blog and take pictures. It's fun finding intersting things to capture, and look at them in a new light. I'm no photographer, but it's all in good fun. Plus, I'm able to take it all in, and enjoy these journeys, instead of being frustrated out here.

America has some beautiful scenery . . .

Down low, checking out the spinners, orale, one love . . . unity

yellow flowers, dirty mountains,
tierra linda, tierra santa

Que pasa, Cortez . . . a donde vas? hoy me voy . . . to the oceans that do not exist . . . a las nubes que no existen tampoco.

I found this cool poem online:
"Pausas II"
by Jose Gorostiza 1901-1973

No canta el. grillo. Ritma
la música
de una estrella.

las pausas luminosas
con su reloj de arena.


sus órbitas de oro
en la desolación etérea.

La buena gente piensa

-sin embargo-
que canta una cauta
de música en la hierba.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad one of your days off was in CO, especially because there is so much more than Denver to see.

Sounds like you had a great relaxing time. Saturday is fast approaching, and I can't wait.

Once again, I feel honored to get to experience just a little bit of what you do to be able to give everything to your fans. I can imagine it would take a lot out of you.

Thanks, again.

Melanie said...

I do sometimes wish I was better at Spanish. I think I took beginning Spanish many times and never got beyond it. I was surprised that I could understand some of it, though. :)

The reflection in the hub cap is a great pic, imo. I think you have a great artistic sense, so I have a feeling you will do quite well at photography -- probably better than I do. LOL


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