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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

10.13.06-Gypsy Ballroom:Dallas, TX

Even though I haven't lived in Texas for several years now, I always feel like I'm coming back home when we play here, especially in Dallas since my family now lives in the area. I talked to my sister about why Texans are so proud about being Texans, and it is not always so clear. Were we brainwashed from an early age to think that this is the best state?

We do have only one star on our fl
ag . . . so does Puerto Rico. I know PR is not a state, but a territory; regardless, those a some proud people . . . ask mi suegro, my father-in-law.

However, Texas does have a unique history, that is, once being its own country and also its being a part of Mexico. Its culture is diverse and so is the landscape (hills, deserts, beaches, big cities, etc); it may not as beautiful as other parts of the States, e.g. Oregon, Washington, and Tennessee (ha ha ha!). I'm sorry to admit. Nevertheless, I'm a proud Texan, and always will be.

Before the show, Darren and I hung out with Jason Hibdon, a good friend and our old monitor engineer. We went down to lower Greenville street and checked out some thrift stores. It was an interesting ride as Jason jerked us around in his little pick-up truck, as Texas as it gets.

As far as the show went, this was by far the most enjoyable Dallas show Mute Math has ever played. The Gypsy Ballroom was packed, and the crowd, as usual big D audiences go, showed big love.

My favorite part of the set came during the end of "Break the Same" when Darren took his bass drum off his kit, handed it to someone along the front row, jumped on top of it as people held him up, and he played his little clicky/clicky part. I was floored to see Darren doing his thing as he floated on the crowd. He was crushing them with not only his drums, literally, but with his charisma.


Melanie said...

Please tell me someone video taped Darren's latest stage trick. Wow...

I have relatives in West Texas.. although my cousin just moved from Abilene to Dallas. I miss my aunt... she lived in Merkel and passed away this year. I was last there in 1997. I actually think there are some very pretty spots out there. I loved the farms with the really huge round bales. It would have made a cool photo if I had a decent camera last time I was there.

Funny, growing up in California what I seemed to remember about Texas was that everything poisonous lived there. I used to read those little Golden field guides a lot. LOL I guess it's because it's such a large state.

The concert sounds like it was particularly incredible.

Anonymous said...

Hey man. I had the chance to meet you when you came to tulsa. I (Brent) was with my friend tranner and we where the ones shooting video and did a interview with you. Thank you so much for doing that. Hope everything is going well. I let you know when we get the video put together.

Anonymous said...

I admire blogs, I was searching around the myspace trying to see if i can buy a Tee , and some how i got to your blog.

Alright for puerto rico, haha! Hey, i'm puerto rican.

I got a picture of Darren doing his thing. It was my friends steve and george picking him up. that was tight.

I can't wait to catch another show! have a blessed day~


Nate said...

jason hibdon...spanish worship leader @ Christ for the Nations

Nate said...

his cousins are my best pals

Anonymous said...

Yeah Roy! Go Texans!!! Everything is bigger and better in TEXAS??? Some may think...but, others would not agree... We LOVED seeing you hermanito - A
paz & amor!

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).