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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

10.05.06-Park West:Chicago, IL

It was nice coming back to Chicago after not being there since Lollapalooza, my two-year anniversary. This is a wonderful city and it's amazing every time we are here.

This was our second time playing at the Park West, and it was better this time around; that is, we didn't have prom to compete with. Anyway, with a lot of friends and family out at this show, it was difficult not to have a good time.

Dan's father helped us tremendously, from loading in to setting up lights. Dan brought the goods to this show and made his family proud. It's been great having an actualy light show. It really enhances the music and feeds a spectacular vibe into the venue. We are blessed to have someone work so hard for us, and someone who really loves what he does.


Melanie said...

Well, I can't leave a blog uncommented on. LOL

Sometime I would love to visit Chicago. I have been there one time in the airport only, but we flew straight over the lake. The flight in was awesome. Before I flew back east a few times I had no idea how huge the great lakes really are.

I think Dan did a good job here despite adverse conditions for lighting. I bet it was quite awesome with Dan and his dad in Chicago. :) Hopefully I'll get to see it someday with full lights.

Anonymous said...

the show was amazing! thank you so much for putting on such an enjoable show. i wish the credit card machine hadn't stopped working or i would have gotten one of your sweet track jackets. anyway, thanks again for a great time and i'm looking forward to seeing you guys again. ps. love the new live EP that comes with the CD

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed a very wonderful experience. Thank you so much for doing what you do. I found it be very exceptionally inspiring.

It would be cool to share the stage with you guys sometime soon! Let me know next time you're in the Chi-town area - the guys and I would LOVE to collaborate with y'all!

Peace, and may the rest of your endeavor be wonderfully blessed!!!

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).