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Thursday, September 21, 2006

9.21.06-Slim's:SanFrancisco, CA

This will be our fourth time to play San Fran within a year's time, and it just keeps on getting better each time. We often face technical difficulties here, and tonight was no exception; however, no one would have notices because they were all resolved before the show. (We thought that we weren't going to be able to use our back lights . . . thankfully, we were wrong. Our wonderful crew people [Dan, Joe, and Lava] figured it out!)

Coming to Slim's again was a joy because I get to see my primo mexicano Jose. He always caters for the bands and cooks up some mean ensaladas y burritos. We talk futbol and music, too. Walking around the venue, I came across this "Chicano" mural. I had to take a picture of it. I love being in California for this reason. It reminds me a little bit of home, culturally speaking.

I finally watched Jonezetta's full set tonight, and they rocked it. I loved their energy, the bass tone, and Mick's attitude behind the drums. Following through with the high energy of the opener, Shiny Toy Guns brought the goods as well. They really connected with the crowd and sounded super tight. I think we are all getting in the groove of the tour. I enjoy the diversity of the bands on this tour. I can't wait to have Club of the Sons join us for some later shows. I'm so excited to see Hutch play again. He is one of the most amazing drummers ever, period!

Being in SF, I'm reminded of how much Hutch liked this city; whether it was because Tower of Power was from the bay area or simply because of its natural beauty, I don't know, but it was always fun coming to this city with him. I remember walking around Chinatown tripping on the assortment of things sold by the vendors. I encourage everyone to make an extra effort to come to the shows that Club of the Sons is playing; you won't be dissapointed.


Hanna said...

I just found this blog. It's good to hear about your life on the road. Very interesting! I would love to get to the west coast someday...can you believe I've never been out there?!?

Well, I hope that all is well...

Anonymous said...

Alas, no COTS (or is it CLOTS, not sure if that debate ever got resolved) in Denver. I would love to hear them play sometime.

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).