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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

9.30.06-Bluebird Theater:Denver, CO

I equate the Bluebird Theater with magic and the supernatural; that is, the way the music hits me here is special and thrilling. I'm lifted to higher places; the music settles inside my being and rattles my soul.

The space inside has a majestical quality about it with the high ceilings, baroque-like murals, and shapely molding, even though I've heard a bit about its dirty past, namely, that it was a adult movie theater. Regardless, what was once a negative thing is now a positive one, and the vibe of this quaint venue inspires me every time we are here. (This was our third time.)

Dan (our LD) has done a wonderful job with the lights . . .

. . . dealing with this:


Melanie said...

I love the Marquee on the Bluebird. It sounds like a place with much character, and I also love the idea of overcoming evil with good. :)

Yea for Dan!! I thought he did a great job in spite of the limitations in SLC. My photos would have loved those backlights, though. LOL

Anonymous said...

I gotta say, as I was waiting for the last picture to load, I was half expecting a picture of those same tubes, although in slightly different condition after the stool incident. (Would it be bad to make a parallel between your short story and the close proximity of aformentioned stool to your guitars?)

I can definetly respect Dan for cable wrapping. I have recently learned the art of the cords, it's enough of a job the two times I have done it. I couldn't imagine repeating that exercise every few days.

I can also identify with being "lifted to higher places," although I would attribute some of that to your music, but the environment helps for sure.

The overcoming evil with good reminds me of the irony of our picture having the sign for the adult store located next to the BlueBird in the immediate background... oimoi...

benjamin young said...

I've got a ton of photos from the Denver show that I'd be happy to give you guys for use however you want to use them. I'll include a link to my blog and the photos are linked from there.

Typo Panther said...

I still say that helping out with sound at my little church is hard enough.

The thought of doing something like that large scale (especially for peoples as cwazy as you) frightens me!

Typo Panther said...

Oh yeah,

Now if would could have a little bit of that transformation for the adult store that still exists next to the BlueBird. Waiting in line in front of that weirds me out.

Come Lord Jesus Come!

Of course, here in Denver there is a group of people and organizations who have come together to purchase a strip club and turn it into a 24 hour prayer center. They just signed the contract, they just have to raise the money. Now that's some transformation.

http://www.myspace.com/oasisprayercenter and http://oasisprayercenter.org/

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