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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

9.20.06-Aladdin Theater:Portland, OR

Northwest morning, 6am, watching the sunrise, I'm stuck in the central time zone. My head clears with the beautiful landscape as we pass by a stunning array of oranges, yellows, and purples; I do some stretching and reading. Later on, I walk around the area of the venue (is this known as historic brooklyn or something?), and see some interesting vehicles.

Back to the venue around 1pm, we start the ceremonies, that is, the sacred load-in.
Darren blesses the proceedings.

Out she comes . . .

The time ticks away as we set up and start sound-checking. . .

AFTER SHOW: nothing could have prepared me for that amazing experience; the last few times we were here, things were not as intense and hype, but this time around the vibe was out-of-control. Paul climbed up the stack of speakers and into a small terrace over-looking the hall. A million thoughts ran through my mind within a split second-I hope that ledge is sturdy! Don't slip! That's it, this is our last show for the year!-but I managed to ignore them as Darren drew me in with his heavy beats. Song after song the set flowed seamlessly and we found a nice groove. Thanks to the high energy of the crowd, we were all able to go somewhere higher, a synergy of high spirits and music lifted everyone, including myself, out of any troubles. This was by far the best time we've had in Portland . . . Thanks for the ride, Oregon. Orale, hasta la proxima.


Loretta S. said...

Cool cars! And Darren looks adorable!

Loretta S. said...

Oh My Gosh. . . Larry Coryell and Lenny White???

Oh that will be an awesome show!!!!!

steve said...

The show was FANTASTIC!!! Seriously was amazing. This band is such an inspiration and such a joy to watch...

Engaging.. thought provoking...

I could have listened and enjoyed for hours and hours

Such a great great great show

God Bless and safe journeys

brock76 said...

always over too soon. although I'm sure you're plenty tired by the end. once again, excellent work!

peace, brock76

Typo Panther said...

It sounds like the bar is going to be set pretty high. All I can say is I'm going to do my part to make sure Denver gives you the reception you deserve! WOO!

Melanie said...

I love reading your blogs. I'd forgotten they were here. You make me feel like I'm there. And the pic of Darren in the cone "hat" is priceless... it's so Darren. :)

Hans said...

This was by far the best time we've had in Portland

This was the first time I missed you! Though I was disappointed to be missing you on vacation (to Hawaii, no less) I did get a spark of happiness that evening when I saw you guys on MTV's Hear it First :D

You're welcome back any time.

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