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Monday, October 29, 2007

10.26.07: Charlotte, NC: Amos'

We went from greasy fries to happy meals this night in Charlotte. Overall, I think it was a great night of music; however, Amos' is a very narrow and long venue, which causes the stage to be the same way. For example, I'm either close to the front of the stage or way in the back by my amp. There's no in between; moreover, this "tightness" messes with the interplay between the four of us. Regardless, we were elated by the huge, sold-out crowd. I know it may seem trite to talk about crowd size, but it has the ability affect the performance and vibe of the concert.

Apparently, each human body gives off 30amps of energy. If this is true, then image that multiplied by 1000 and trapped in fairly small room. All that power comes racing towards us and mixes with the energy of the music. Forgive me if I'm babbling too much about this, but since I deal with it everyday, this phenomena of what makes a bad show, bad and great show, great fascinates me. There are many factors working against each other, attempting to rip our show apart (entropy at its best), and I think we simply try to minimize those negative factors by practicing, controlling the quality of p.a. system, soundchecking, etc.

photos by "van.occupanther"



Melanie said...

I'm beginning to think you have seen the inside of too many McDonald's. LOL JK

I'm glad the show went well, even if the stage was a bit cramped. I know the crowd does affect the performer, but from an audience perspective for some shows, the intimacy of something smaller can be nice. But then not all shows are as high energy as yours are. The crowd definitely helps since you rely a lot on audience interaction. It's rather tough to have the energy you need without it.

Anyway, I am glad to hear that the show went well. :) And I, for one, don't mind you talking about what makes a good show. Who knows? We might learn something. :)

Anonymous said...

I am totally geeked for the show coming up in the ATL at the Tabernacle. I'll be making a 4.5ish hour drive from Tallahassee, Florida to come check you guys out this Saturday night.

This venue looks like you'll have ample room to move around so hopefully, that won't cramp your style and we'll have a nice Mute Math meal. :)

Kim B. said...

Roy, this was the best Mute Math show I have ever been to! I think it had much more of a steak and potatoes effect on me...you know, one of those shows that sticks to your ribs.

I wish we could have stayed to thank you all in person after the show, but we had to get home to our sick baby. Thank you for coming and giving of yourselves, though. It was energetic, reverant, passionate, and spiritual. Thanks again.

-Kim Ball

ps. We really love your beard.

demilu said...

this was truly a great show. thanks for that :)

demilu said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the show in Charlotte went well! You're hair is in your face most of the time, but at one point in the show I got a glimpse of your face and you were smiling! It totally made my week...along with the fact that you looked like Jesus on stage. Thanks so much for bringing us a great show!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey... Nothing to do with your blog, but I think I turned my guitar teacher on to you tonight (not in a creepy way, don't worry).

He asked me to buy him a cd at your concert (I bought one tonight though -- easier since I'm travelling to see you). :)

Promoting one person at a time.

Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to introduce a great band to someone. :D


P.S. - I bought fries and a McFlurry yesterday. Too cold for McFlurries.

P.P.S. - I bought a Mae cd tonight, Melanie. Hope I like it. :)

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).