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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

10.23.07: The Norva

Last time we played the Norva, it was a highly improvised show; that is, we had a lot of equipment freak-out and break down. Hence, the initial show we had planned went out the window, but we did our best to have a good time. I remember not being too pleased at that show, namely because I thought we could have done better. Fortunately, this time around, we had a close to perfect show; nothing broke or crashed on us, and the set flowed smoothly, allowing us to vibe out on the music.

One notable occurrence during the show was when Darren decided to create some drama to "Reset" (as he usually does by pouring water all over his drums), but last night he tried to pour glitter instead; however, he failed to consider the intensity of his fan blowing next to him. As he opened the bag of glitter to pour, it blew everywhere, before the song started. It was a good idea, just not well executed.

We also had a great time hanging out with Rob (formerly of Mae). When Mute Math toured with Mae two years ago, it was a pivotal moment for our career. We told Rob how much we appreciated them taking us out, and how much that tour did for us. Out of all the Mae guys, I always had the most connection with Rob; we both went to law school, played soccer, and had a similar disposition. It was nice to see him again. Check out Rob's blog.

photo by bustinloose82



Melanie said...

Hey, I know the guy that took the pic of Darren. LOL

Rob mentioned that he would be going to see you guys. I'm glad he made the show. I didn't realize that you both went to Law School. I think I remember reading that about Rob a while back, but had forgotten. I've always had an interest, but never went. Appellate work interested me.

BTW, I first heard about you on Mae's message boards, and the first time I saw you was at the concert with Mae at the Great Salt Air Pavilion.

I'm trying to picture the glitter event now. I bet the Norva will be cleaning up glitter for the next year. LOL


Anonymous said...

Heheh... I don't think I got to see the water in the drums. I've seen pics of it, but I don't think it happened in Boston this year... Unless I somehow managed to miss looking at the right side of the stage for an entire song.

Perhaps the heat of the Paradise had sent me into delirium by that point...

Huh. Did not know you studied to be a lwayer. I've wondered what careers, if any, you guys had before going the band route.

I've been listening to your CD the last couple days and, at least for now, I've voted for "Noticed" for the next single. (I know.) (Didn't someone say women are fickle?)

Glad to know Darren has a fan (an electric one I mean). I missed that somehow, too. Geez. Maybe I should get my eyes checked before I come see you guys again... ;)

Btw, is the Rhodes all fixed now? Nice and sturdy?

I'd never heard of Mae before I went to Melanie's MySpace. Still haven't heard their music yet though.


Melanie said...

oops... it's the first pic that I know the photographer, but I've run into Nicole a few places online as well. :)

Jen... go listen to Mae. LOL


nicole rork said...

Actually, that picture of Darren was taken at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit! Just had to clarify! The rest of the gallery is posted on camera-kid.com

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).