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Friday, October 26, 2007

10.25.07: Myrtle Beach, HOB

Mute Math has played the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach several times, but only as openers (The Fray, Switchfoot, etc). Tonight was our first headlining experience, and I must admit that it wasn't too hot. There weren't too many people (probably the lowest of the tour yet) and thus, the energy of the overall crowd was minimal. I can't help to think of a quote I read from Trent Reznor: "I think, fundamentally, music is something inherently people love and need and relate to, and a lot of what's out right now feels like McDonald's. It's quick-fix. You kind of have a stomachache afterwards." I kind of felt like our show that night was a Big Mac, not much substance and not much satisfaction. I say this solely from my personal standpoint. I'm 100% sure there were people who had a good time and enjoyed the show. I saw them first hand. I shook their hands, and I'm immensely grateful that these people were present. Without them, there would have been no show, and I would have felt like I only had eaten some greasy fries.



Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what this says about me then, but I was elated to see the french fries...

(Not the best week... The thought of a cheesey fry with bacon and ranch dressing (ok, my imagination kicked in there) kind of brought a needed smile.)

Hope the Florida HOB is better.


Melanie said...

I'm sorry the turnout wasn't better, but I bet that next time there will be more people because basically your popularity grows leaps and bounds by simply word of mouth. Your show was probably the whole combo meal - even when it isn't your best. I can't imagine you really not performing well. I know it's different when your heart isn't as in it for whatever reason, but you guys have never disappointed me in concert.

But I also know some people love Big Macs and greasy fries. LOL Not a Big Mac fan myself, for whatever that's worth. As for greasy fries... they taste good at the time - heartburn doesn't happen until later. LOL What relevance that has to your post I'm still trying to figure out. ;) I just got a kick out of the fast food reference.

God's blessings,

Anonymous said...

{snickering at Melanie's combo meal reference}

: ) Nice.

Jamie said...

I really appreciate your honesty, Roy. I can't imagine the pressure you must feel going up on stage as often as you've been this tour. Be encouraged that there's always someone whose night you're making pretty swell. I always had a grand time, when you guys had technical difficulties up the wazoo, ie ottawa, or a crazy lively crowd like chitown. It's almost Christmas!

bryan mcgee said...

I hated to see such a low turnout for the show. Myrtle Beach in the off season is like a ghost town. If Thursday night was an off night, I have definitely got to check out another show when you guys come around.

If Thursday was fast food, I appreciate you super sizing it for us. We had a great time and it was an amazing show from our side of the stage.

I posted some photos of the show over here.

If you or any of the other guys want any of the original pics, shoot me an email.

Kvon said...

It's hard to imagine a MM show that is NOT sold out. wow, crazy.

I like the TR quote.

The Denver show was rad. I balanced precariously, tip-toe on a stair rail and a bar stool to see. I had a birds eye view from the stage left balcony, just above Greg. I missed the video show but I don't think I would have been into it anyway (a little too zooropa maybe). Give me MM raw... Shaken, not stirred, no cream, no sugar! lol :D
Sorry about the Myrtle show. "What are they missing? only the best band on the freek-n planet."
I didn't see you after the Denver show, I probably would not have said hi anyway... I don't want to be a stalker. ;) My good friend dragged me to meet Darren, I REALLY did not want to bug him. He has got to be one of the most gracious people I have ever met. MM is inspiration! I really appreciate you guys.

carolyn mejia said...

sorry there wasn't such a great turn out. but i have never seen a better live performance. i appreciate you guys leaving it all out on the stage even when you felt like the room was empty. (i'm a little a.d.d. so i actually enjoyed the show more with a small crowd.) you guys rock...

Anonymous said...

I thought the show was the best concert of my life. I'm sorry you weren't into it, but I just don't get how you could let a small turnout keep you from getting enjoyment out of playing music. Is this why you guys bailed out after the show and didn't even bother to talk with the Hardcore fans standing outside waiting for you guys? I mean, you have to understand that South Carolina isn't exactly "with it" like some of the places you guys are selling out, and it's going to take longer to catch on in some places than in others. I'm just disapointed that you seem to be more concerned with how many people are in the room than you are with simply playing music.

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).