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Monday, October 08, 2007

10.07.07: Madison, WI

Being that it was Sunday, not much was open around the venue in Madison, WI. However, I did go to one of the best diners I've ever been to; it's called the Blue Plate. Anyway, I'm sure we'll be back to this place.



Jamie said...

Darn, you already put up your Madison post, I was going to send you pictures when I got home later. Really good show/turn out for your first time in Madison, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Was there a special? ;) Get it?

Your blogs have been brief lately it feels. Really busy or is something bothering you? I find when I'm bothered I can't blog the same -- hard to avoid putting things down that are foremost on your mind when those thoughts aren't yet fully formed and might hurt people's feelings.

I assume you are just busy, and no doubt missing your loved ones back home... Just checkin'. :)

Anyway, hope all is well and I'll see you, though odds are you won't see me amongst the sea of people, in a little less than a month at my 2nd ever MM concert. Sadly, it's a no-camera event. :(

Ho hum. Well, at least it won't get stolen, ehh?

Perhaps I will render a stick person sketch, court-room artist syle... Heh.

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).