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Friday, October 05, 2007

10.04.07: Denver, CO

We had an amazing time last night. First of all, the day started with a radio show performance at 93.3. Thank God for the support of these stations around the country. I noticed a huge difference in attendance. Literally, I believe we doubled in numbers from last spring show in Boulder. At the station, we met some nice people, had a nice interview, and played two nice songs. It was a nice time.

When show time rolled around, I was stoked. There were people everywhere, up over the sides of the balcony near us to the very end of the theater. Everywhere I looked there were people, and people who were ready to have a good time. Below are some pictures of last night taken by derfasaurus:



Jen said...

Nice. ;)

portorikan said...

Sweet photos to the photographer. Paul with the guitar? Nice.

Oh how I wish you guys were coming through Tallahassee, Florida again.

IF only I had a clue on how to book a band for a show.

Melanie said...

That second photo is unbelievable. Great clarity. :)

Glad to hear the show went well. That is the sort of crowd you deserve to play for, imho.

I am going to give some thought as to promoting you on a station or two here. Maybe I can get a few others to help.

Bertman316 said...

Sounds like a great night. I hope you're getting over your cold! Shannon is hoping to catch you in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday (if you see her tell her we miss her). We'll be catching you at Conan and Irving (Conan & Irving ...sounds like a new brand of ice cream or something!)in NYC.
Take care - stay well. Be in love.
- Bert

derfaphoto said...

Hey... strange... those are my photos. Thank you for putting them up. I appreciate any and all exposure. Funny story about this concert, they let me in the door with my camera, I took pictures all night long and then suddenly about halfway through your guys' set I get told I can't have my camera in the venue. They gave me the choice to leave or to take it out to my car, so I took it out to my car. On my way back to the venue I crossed the street not at an intersection and got a $40 jaywalking ticket... who knew that was even a real crime!

Anyways, when you guys come around again feel free to give me a holler justin [period] fritts [at] gmail [dot] com or derfasaurus [at] gmail [dot] com . I'll be more than happy to come take photos again.

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