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Monday, October 22, 2007

10.20.07: Charlottesville, VA

This was rough show for me. Where should I begin? Many gauntlets crashed down on me as the night rolled on, and I did my best to not be annoyed; however, I found myself wanting to play better and tighter, but I couldn't. My hands didn't cooperate with my ears and mind. Sometimes, things just don't seem to gel. Whether it comes from not having good monitors to having extremely hot conditions in the venue (I know every one was feeling that), who knows, but some obstacles can prevent a musician or performer from feeling comfortable in order to get into a vibe to play well. That is what I want to try to capture in the studio: a vibe. And, that is what I want to capture live: that is, a working, creative atmosphere in order for music to breathe and take a life of its own.

Music is not science; well, at least, the music that I want to play must be evoked by the something beyond a formula. Who likes formulaic music? That is, what is music minimized to when things become a strategy of notes and chords instead of the inner workings of the soul. Formulaic music is fake and boring. It's hard to play meaningfully night after night. And, this night, things were not horrible, but they weren't great. Sorry to those of you who might of noticed this in my disposition. I was fighting a war up there. To those in the back, I hope you had a great time and felt something wonderful. Perhaps, next time I will be at peace with my hands and instrument.



Paul Wright said...

Right on, man. It's tough to find that balance between organized, completely scripted music and something that's unique and fresh every time. Thanks for being conscious of it and trying your best. I appreciate that as a listener and as a musician.

Portland, OR

Jordan said...

I absolutly love your explination of what music means to you! Especially because that radiates so powerfully through your songs and your performances. Saw you guys for the first time in Milwaukee and it was like you guys were having a spirital experience onstage, even if the crowd was weak. But love you guys don't stop making music

Melanie said...

I have a feeling that even with the rough spots things sounded great. But having seen you so often up close and personal, I know what would have been missing. It's obvious on stage that your music is a passion and an art.


Wow.. who knew that Paul Wright was a Mute Math fan. ;

Daniel said...

i was right infront of darren and when you walked up with your upright bass and started playing... it was the coolest thing ever.

if that was a bad night, i dont know what i'd do on a good night. it'd blow my mind even more than this did.
and thanks again for signing the cymbal that i bought from darren, that was awesome!

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).