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Saturday, October 06, 2007

10.05.07: Kansas

It's a strange, but comforting feeling when you begin to know all the things you like about particular cities all over the world and how to get there. Well, I should specify that when I say "cities" I mostly mean the small vicinity of the city surrounding the venues that we play; for example, near the Gothic Theater there's a Starbucks right around the corner; near Slim's in San Fran there's a great drum store; near the venue in Salt Lake City there's a nice open-air mall; near Islington Academy in London there's a great Italian place that has exquisite cheesecake; near the Granada in Lawrence there's a good middle-eastern restaurant and a thrift store that I go to every time I'm here.

In the last two and half years of touring, I've amassed a pleasant collection of memories. Just walking around yesterday in Lawrence, I thought of the first time I was here on the Mae tour (fall 2005), and how I had sushi with some of the guys from Circa Survive. Then, I will never forget the stinkiest gig of my life at the Bottleneck, during the Album Release Tour (with Vedera). It just goes on and on, in a lovely way.

And, last night, we made more lovely memories. I think the show was one of our better performances on the tour. The crowd was incredible; it was an official sell-out, I'm told. The pictures below were taken by Maria and Michelle:



Martyne said...

WOW, what amazing shots! Maria is one of the best photographers I know (aside from NY's very own Bert Saraco, of course!)

I hope you hold memories like that about New York :)

maria said...

Hey ROY!
We are on our way to the show.
Photo Shoot Off here we come:)

BTW the photos were taken by MICHELLE & myself.
I can't take credit for all the shots:) She took the one of Paul and Greg while I was on video duty.

More pics to come.

Aaron said...

The return of the beard!!

Jen said...

Happy to hear you like Italian. :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, Roy, Alladin's Cafe is delicious.

Enjoyed the show greatly, swing by again okay?

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).