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Saturday, October 03, 2009

October 3, 2009: Des Moines: IA: People’s Court

Show Thoughts, abridged

This night got off to a bad start as for much of my set-up was giving me problems during “The Nerve,” but eventually, I sorted it all out, making the rest of night a decent experience. The fact that we played Des Moines for the first time is notable; apparently, not too many bands come through this way, which makes it nice when people show up. I grew up in an area where no one would come to through show, which is why we started developing our own thing and throwing our own shows, but that is besides the point; it’s almost harder to get out the word for shows when nobody is used to going to them. It’s kind of a strange thing. I hope that the lovely bunch that ventured out to see us enjoyed themselves because from my perspective, it was a bit hard to tell.


Melanie said...

If they didn't enjoy themselves, they have only themselves to blame, imho. But I've noticed that some more exhuberant crowds just like getting rowdy, and some more laid-back crowds love the band, so you can't always go by that even. IT's still nice to have a lot of energy sometimes.

Sorry about the problems. Hopefully the next show will be perfect. I know that you do everything possible to make each show stellar.

David said...

I drove 2.5 hours to see you in Des Moines. Best show I've ever been to. I will admit there were only a handful of people (including myself) that got into it. People don't dance in Iowa. It's quite depressing.

To be quite honest, I was expecting a smaller crowd. Fortunately, it was a larger crowd than when you played in Iowa City at The Mill.

I really hope you come back anyway.

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