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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 29, 2009: Madison, WI: The Majestic

Madison Show Thoughts

For being such a tiny theater, the Majestic is a nice place to see a show with its high ceilings, more than adequate p.a., and close proximity from audience to stage; sure, we were unable to set up the entire show production (sorry!), and we were crammed like sardines on stage; however, the energy of the show was high and motivating. The night in Madison came with an extra challenge for me personally in that I was cornered off in the back a bit, and I had some extra keyboard duties we were testing out for the upcoming flight date to Austin City Limits Festival. Nevertheless, it was enjoyable and memorable.

The one disappointment of the night had to deal with an audience member. Unfortunately, up towards the front of the stage, a young man kept pushing and elbowing a couple of young ladies. Eventually, he stopped (with a little personal intervention), and everyone was okay (I talked to the “victims” afterwards, but not the culprit, unfortunately, since I would have liked to ask him a few Qs).

Now, I’ll ask one thing about slamming/moshing (and I must add that to the extent I witnessed last night, this "dancing" was not "artful" in any sense as it once may have been somewhere during some earlier time period but rather just pushing one another mindlessly) at our shows: WHY? We’re not UnderOath or Sepultura. I understand that for the most part this type of thing usually comes from adolescent males with pent-up aggression needing some sort of release. Okay. I was there once, but please, if you must, THINK. Look to your left and your right, and be understanding of those who are around you. I’m pretty sure that more often than not, your concert-going-neighbors will NOT want to engage.

Despite having to address this rather sour event, cheers to those who came and rocked out with us in an agreeable and enjoyable fashion.


Melanie said...

Okay, this makes me love you. LOL
I think HOB is pretty strict about moshing, and I'm o.k. with that. I had to deal with a guy being obnoxious at the show you played with Wolfmother. Anyway, I'm really glad you said something! A lot of artists don't.

I love that you are posting about the shows again. I rather missed your regular posts. :)

Jessica said...

I think sometimes people don't know how to act at a concert so they revert back to their animal instincts. Pretty dang annoying if you ask me.

And I agree w/Melanie - glad the RMC blog drought is over.

James Molitor said...

Yeah i definitely agree with you about the moshing. I was standing right up there with those kids at the madison show, and they kept ramming into me. It was very distracting from the show, and it really had no relation with the show or the kind of music you guys play. Still an awesome concert though. It was pretty swell when you told that kid to back off too. Nice job!

glenda said...

Hi! Im glenda and i really really really love NOTICED. Im a bit frustrated now coz i can't seem to play it on my bass :( can you add that up on your bass lessons here?


The Lemonator said...

This is a quote from my post at the "Earthsuit Legacy" forum. I was told by various members there to post this on your blog, so here goes.

"Just got home from the Des Moines show. It's my hometown, and it's the first time I've seen MuteMath live. Wow, you guys are amazing to hear live. When Spotlight came out last fall, I wasn't too fond of it, and I expressed on Earthsuit Legacy that I wasn't too big a fan of your new record. But after you seeing you live for the first time playing such a great blend of old and new songs, I honestly take it all back. The songs I've disliked have grown on me, and the new ones on the album have been beautiful and complex. Plus, I GOT TO HOLD THE ATARI!!! I can die now."

The Lemonator said...
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Jason Ericson said...

This from a guy who got keytared in the face once by his own bandmate. :P I mean I know it was an accident, but still...

Yeah I think it has to do with pent-up aggression or something along those lines. You guys have some high-energy music, it does bring it out sometimes.

Nicolle said...

Roy! you are the man! I was trying to be a "wall" for the ladies but the perp was persistent and I'm not that strong. haha Thanks for an amazing show!
-Jay (friends of the nice young ladies)

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).