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Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 26, 2009: Cleveland, OH: H.O.B.

Cleveland House of Blues Show Thoughts

Remember my theory that every show on the tour should get progressively better as we move along down the road since we are playing more and more, thus, perfecting our “show craft?” Well, last night’s show in Cleveland didn’t follow that reasoning. We had a lot of technical problems. For example, when “Clipping” was suppose to start, my bass synth keyboard cut out or never came in rather; thankfully, I have a back-up keyboard nearby and it triggered correctly once Paul started singing the verse. So, there was a big gapping whole at the front end of that song. Example 2: Paul landed on my pedals after one of his Rhodes flips and cut out my bass completely for about 20 seconds of “Break The Same.” 20 seconds on stage scrabbling around in the dark trying to figure out where a bad connection lies feels like searching for a needle in a haystack for about 20 minutes. On the other side of the stage in Greg's world, there were plenty of other issues as well, but I won’t go into it.

Now, even though we had a lot of technical things go wrong, I must say that Cleveland made it all okay because they made me feel that all the bad tech stuff didn’t matter too much. There were many other glorious moments that trumped such seemingly small, unnoticeable flubs. For example, I thought the crowd clapping and loud singing in “Spotlight” and "Noticed" was amazing; "Armistice," “Obsolete,” and “Reset/Break” moved the dance floor. Also, we successfully debuted “No Response” last night, and I’m curious to know how people liked or disliked the performance of this song; if you were at this Cleveland show, please comment about that song specifically. So, at the end of the day, it wasn’t the “best show of the tour” but we had a night full of exciting moments and energetic highs.


Ryan Solida said...

I was at the show last night and I thought that intro to "No Response" was totally sick... was that a timed video or are those lights on the hits being triggered? Also, what in the world are you using for your bass synth and what are you running it through that you keep switching and turning during the show? I did notice that "Typical" had a bit of a hiccup at the beginning but I'm certain it was unnoticed by at least 95% of the crowd. Seemed like wrong recall was hit on the 1880(?). You can catch a few iPhone pics from the show at http://twitter.com/ryansolida. Overall, keeps getting better each time I see you guys.

Melanie said...

Well, in all fairness, you did make a caveat for technical issues. :)

While your theory may have some general truth to it, I also think there will be some shows that are better or worse because every venue is not the same. And sometimes towards the end of a tour tiredness can set in as well.

But wouldn't it be boring if nothing ever went wrong? I think those moments are a test of a true performer and build character to boot. Still.. I usually prefer the glitch-free, easier road. LOL

Still looking forward to Oct. 13. Even if there are glitches, I have no doubt it will be worth every penny spent. :)

Rob said...

Hey, I was at the show and thought it was amazing. Everything was awesome, and I bet you no one realized there was any slip ups, except for Darren's ride cymbal falling off. Oh and after the show, me and my two friends waited in the pouring rain for an hour hoping for a signature (I got Darren's snare head) but you didn't come out, we were pretty bummed and wet. But we loved it anyway.

Rob said...

Oh I forgot to say that the only reason we didn't stay longer after the show, was because one of the House of Blues guys came over to us at like 12:10 and said that you had been in your hotel for about half an hour... we were pretty bummed. But again, you guys were awesome. Amazing show and I hope I can catch you guys sometime soon.

paulmike3 said...

Hey Roy... I was at the show in C-Town as well.. "No Response" was absolutley SICK! You guys always amaze me with the creativity you pull off on stage.

Being a musician, I know the feeling of gear crapping out in the middle of a show. While it sucks for us (and the rest of the band), the crowd generally doesn't notice (or care), and it's just part of the experience of playing live!

I know the tour keeps you busy, but if you ever have a spare few minutes, would you mind giving an overview of the gear you're using this tour? You seem to be having a killer time with all the gadgets you get to use, and I'm anxious to know what you're using to get such a wide range of sounds!

I also wondered how much of the "extended" songs you guys play are freestyle and how much is rehearsed? You guys pull it off nicely, either way!

Anonymous said...

It's funny cause some of the other times yall came here, you said those weren't so great either.
I Thought No response was AWESOME!!! as soon as it came on everyone around me including me started freaking out and taking pictures. The lyrics are kinda sad but I know where they come from. Why did this Cd come out so sad?
The drums lighting up exactly at the same time of the music, really was a super neat touch. It was kinda Cirque Du Soleil-ish.
The beat to that song is RAW (awesome) anyway plus the bass line is just wild because of the way it kinda is the opposite of the rest.
I looooooove it. Some of the songs I was hoping to see more musical runs from everybody. But overall it was crazy. I have video of it if you wanna see it. (Thensis@hotmail.com) You seemed really pleased at the beginning of the show but I actually saw the look on your face as Paul rolled over the piano and the mic stand fell, lol so I figured that's not what you wanted. It was a great show tho!!! In fact I think besides the time I saw you
play at the Grog shop it was the best!!! Even with the problems.

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