Summer 2016: The Forum, Los Angeles, CA (photo by David Tosti)
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Friday, September 25, 2009

September 24, 2009: Baltimore, MD Sonar

Show Thoughts

I took it a bit easy tonight in some ways; for one, I didn’t want to fabricate any emotion, but two, I simply tried to play tighter. It’s been harder than I thought it would be to get back in the groove of things after not being on the road for a while. As a result, I didn’t move around as much, and I concentrated on my parts and transitions between songs. The crowd was responsive to the new material and new twist as we changed some of the set list around tonight, and afterwards when I talked to the fans, they seemed into it. I had a better time here than Cincinnati overall (mostly due to having a better monitor mix). Unfortunately, we weren’t able to put up the arch and had to nix some lights because the ceiling at Sonar is so low. Nevertheless, we worked out having some video and lipstick cameras for the set.

As Tall As Lions were excellent again tonight; they effortlessly jammed out song after song and played with a lot of passion and energy. I’m happy they were able to do this tour. I’m looking forward to seeing them night after night; they are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands to tour with.


Jessica said...

I think the arch looks amazing, sadly I don't think you'll be able to put it up in Houston (the show I'll be attending).

Are you playing the usual basses on this tour? I saw a picture from Cincinnati that looked like you were playing a Sting-esque bass.

Anonymous said...

Hey Roy,

Great job last night in Baltimore. I always love listening to your playing. You and Darren are one of the tightest rhythm sections around.

I have a quick question about your Mustang bass: where did you pick that one up? I have a Japanese re-issue, but I've always wanted a vintage American one. The purple (or is it pink?) finish and pearloid pickguard on yours is amazing, and I don't remember you playing it at previous shows.

Thanks and see you again in D.C.!


Melanie said...

I am still looking forward to seeing you in Vegas. :) I was happy that you were touring with As Tall As Lions as well. I thought they were really good when I saw them with Mae.

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).