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Sunday, October 11, 2009


October 8, 2009
Empire Event Center - (Sacramento): I felt myself getting more and more sick (coughing and hacking up phlegm) as the show progressed; let's just say I made it through.

October 9, 2009
The Fillmore - (San Francisco): interesting show, and thankfully I woke up feeling great thanks to lots of Dr. Schulze's "super foods," a steady supply of green and white teas, and rest (well as much as my son would allow me to get ; )

October 10, 2009
Club Nokia Live - (Los Angeles): by far my favorite show of the tour so far! You got to watch this moment of DK; it will be one we will be talking about for a while:


Unknown said...

i love roy. i love darren. i love paul. i love greg. this night was epic. PS THANKS FOR THE DRUMSTICK, YOU ROCK MY SOCKS.

Unknown said...

btw Armistice was so beautiful the way you guys played the outro :D

Michelle said...

Hi Roy!

I was at your show last night and I just wanted to give you guys a standing ovation! It was my 7th time seeing you guys, but you guys somehow always come up with new surprises! Love it! Can't wait til you come back to LA next year :)

Melanie said...

I will see you on Tuesday.. technically speaking it's tomorrow, although it will seem like the day after since it's only 12:40 a.m. LOL

I can't wait! Save me a set list, if you have one. It would make my night. :)

Darren sometimes scares me. That jump was so out of the blue, I was afraid he'd hit the ground, but he is an awesome performer, and a great guy, imho. :) You, too.

Excited to see you again.

Nathaniel said...

Curious, why SF was an "interesting" show. Although, I must say SF is an "interesting" music scene, which probably translates to "interesting" experiences for bands coming through town.

It was cool to have the crowd be more energetic than most shows in the past. It was the first time your crowd has approached the crowd at Bloc Party shows. Who by the way you guys should tour with! That would be a sick line up!

I really enjoyed the new songs live. The arrangement of Spotlight was sick. Not to be too critical, but the performance on Leno just didn't live up to the song's stature. By the way, what software were you running on your laptop? I couldn't see much of it, but could definitely see the click fader. And noticed when Darren threw off his cans you looked back when he was off the click. Drummers! Oy ve! :)

Sam said...

I thought the crowd for this show wasn't as energetic as previous LA shows, and to me, it looked like you guys took a while to get really into it as well. The Nerve as an opener needs some work as compared to Collapse (Collapse was so epic live). I didn't hear what Paul said after "This isn't an encore," but it seemed like he wasn't all that thrilled either with the crowd. Of course, there were definitely plenty of great moments at Club Nokia, but I felt like the most fun I had was in seeing you guys so pumped to play songs from the first album. Darren was so much more intense playing songs from the self-titled than from Armistice.

Stephanie said...

I am having what is possibly the worste week of my life, and I can still manage to find joy in watching your videos! Poor Darren, did they....not catch him? We'll make sure to catch him at the Grand Rapids show.

Miss Lucy Pickles said...

Yikes, I know the feeling.. have you tried Mucinex? It helps me when I've got that yucky crap in my chest. Or for a more natural route.. fresh ginger (with lemon of course) in your tea.. it tastes surprisingly good :)

Jesse Fitton said...
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Jesse Fitton said...

Roy- I am sure you guys played well each night but I know as a musician you critique yourself more.

Why are there no dates for Phoenix, Az this tour?

What will it take to get you guys out here?

Jesse (Fellow Bass Player)

Melanie said...

The Vegas show was outstanding. I really wanted to see you guys again, though. I saw you walk into HOB but you didn't see me. LOL It's definitely been too long. Hopefully next time. Not really happy with any of the pics, but this is for you:

Unknown said...

Probably one of the best shows I've been to. If you havnt my photos yet, check them out.. :)



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