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Saturday, October 17, 2009

So Cal, Vegas, Denver, & KS

October 11, 2009: San Diego, CA: House of Blues

La familia and I strolled around downtown SD looking for a resupply of baby food, all along taking in the beautiful weather and sights. Overall, the show went well; probably one of the funniest things that happened so far on this tour happened here: Paul split his pants somewhere during "Spotlight." I didn't see it directly, but I knew something was up when he dashed off stage not to return for what felt like an eternity. DK gave a warm speech in the interim. Thank you San Diego.

October 13, 2009: Las Vegas, NV: House of Blues

Probably the best time of the tour we’ve had as a family since we had a full day off in a beautiful room in Mandalay Bay. I’d love to come back and have a family vacation here, which surprises me because I never thought that I would say that about this city. Anyway, the show went better than expected; it was a tighter performance than San Diego, and my son stayed up for the whole thing, which is always a good sign that we performed well.

October 14, 2009: Denver, CO: Ogden Theater

Probably one of the saddest times with la familia on tour since I had to say goodbye; it will be another three weeks before I get to see them again. This has been the hardest tour for me because of these sort of personal things. As far as the show went, it was memorable because this was one of the best crowds of the tour. The redhead guy (sorry I don't know your name for sure: he goes by Callen, aka Ghost Soldier) who does all the youtube drum covers was there, and he pumped me up all night. Thank you. Sorry I didn't get to meet you. And thanks for playing drums with such passion and skill. Keep it up.

October 16, 2009: Kansas City, KS: Beaumont Club

This was a good show overall (trying out a new intro thing), great crowd but so-so venue. I think it's not the best place to see a show. The stage is low and the spread of the room is a bit awkward. This was MM first time in Kansas City.


Dan said...

Oh man. If that was the "new intro" you used in Minneapolis, it was KILLER. All the crowd up front was like, "where are they?" "when are they coming out?" and then y'all were there, playing 100%, faster than you could scream. I loved the show, great job! Also, thanks for keeping us updated through the blog posts!

Melanie said...

The show in Vegas was really quite amazing. It was really loud, though. One of the higher pitched sounds, I think I was in the wrong place and I couldn't hear well out of my right ear until about 6:30 the next night. It was worth it though. My only disappointment was not seeing you or Darren (or Wendy, for that matter.) I waited a ridiculously long time, and then couldn't find the elevators. It's really easy to get turned around at Mandalay Bay. Probably just as well... I was so ridiculously tired that I was kinda silly. Hopefully next time. I think I have one half way decent photo of you. The Mandalay Bay room was really very nice. My husband just hated that they didn't have coffee. LOL

Stephanie said...

OH POOR PAUL! Lol. Sounds like it was still an amazing show, and my sister and I can't wait to see you guys in Grand Rapids!

Tim said...

Roy, amazing show in Mpls last night! It was my first MM show. I wanted to see the HOB show in Chicago, but the tickets went too fast. I know I'm not the first to say this: you are a bass line genius!! Especially that sick part halfway through Spotlight. You are all stellar! Best concert I've ever attended, hands down. Come back to Mpls anytime! God bless...

Typo Panther said...

I definitely thought the crowd was great at the Ogden. I definitely sat too close to the speakers, my ears kinda died after Typical :)

I'm glad to hear that it went well from your perspective. We definitely love you guys here :D Every concert I'm able to get more people to come who haven't before.

I hope the rest of the tour goes well for you guys. I'm sorry to hear that it's been emotionally hard for you. I will definitely pray for you and your family.

Peace! See you next time you come to Denver.

Evan said...

I was there for the Kansas City show (in Missouri, technically ;) and enjoyed it. After seeing several shows at the Beaumont Club I have to agree that it's not the best of venues. The sound always seems really boomy there, although I'm not sure what that can be attributed to. Great playing, though. Definitely try to find your way back to KC some day!

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).