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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


October 17, 2009: Minneapolis, MN: First Ave

It was nice to finally headline this historic club (“Your Downtown Danceteria Since 1970” as they call it) after being to Minneapolis so many times; we played once before with Mae, but it was really special also to go back to the room where we met DJ Shadow about a year and half earlier. The show went exceptionally well; great crowd but not as rowdy as the normal MN patrons go I must say. DK barely made the jump back to the stage after being on his drum. I think I saw a video of it on youtube, but I can’t find it anymore.

October 19, 2009: Chicago, IL: House of Blues

The Chicago House of Blues is my favorite HOB (maybe club) in the country (maybe world) by far; it is beautiful with its huge collection of folk art; it is accommodating and spacious yet still warm and earthy, not corporate feeling on stage; it has great sound and cool, large plank wooden floors on stage, which moves by the way when DK plays his kits. (I know that the audience floor moves, too, which just brings such a great energy to everything); it’s no doubt that this show is contending to be the best show of the tour for me. The downside to this venue is that they kick everybody out way too quick, and they tend to have too many rules about things, which goes for many of the HOBs. A friend of mine has aptly coined them the House of Rules. Nevertheless, I still prefer to play here and feel that the fans get the best possible show here time and time again.

October 20, 2009: Grand Rapids, MI: Orbit Room

Before the show, some of us went to eat Japanese at a nearby mall, at a wonderful place called OYSY. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much good sushi in my life. I was hurting, but was able to walk it off at a mall a couple of hours before the show. I’m glad I did or I would have definitely vomited on stage. I’ll leave that kind of accident/occurrence to DK. Anyway, by far, this night in GR possessed one of the most electric crowds of the tour. I hope the lady in the front found her ring, and that everyone had a good, memorable time.


Mud Puppy said...

Loved the show in GR! Honestly, the best show I've ever seen (and 5th overall MM show).

Can't say enough about how much I appreciate the entire bands willingness to interact w/ the crowd and put on simply the best live show available, anywhere!

You are all class acts!!

ps. I'm the guy you've got your arm around in this pic: http://tinyurl.com/yjbptgj

Phat B said...

Hey Roy - I've gotta agree with Mud Puppy here, the Grand Rapids show was the best MM show I've been to, out of the 3 times that I've seen you. GR crowds usually suck, so I'm glad we actually brought some energy to try to match yours...

More than anything, I was loving your work on the upright. That was so solid, and I can't believe how gritty that thing sounded. I mean that it a good way - it just growled! Were those pickups that you just ripped out of an old P-Bass or something? I'll have to try that with my upright...

Thanks for coming to GR. And thanks for bringing As Tall As Lions along. Be well!

Phat B said...

By the way - I just discovered your bass lesson videos, which I love. But I can't get some of them to work (namely, the upright videos for "Obsolete" and the "Bossa-Nova-Like" post).

Is that on my end, or is there just something up with your video host? It looks like you put a lot of work into these videos, and I'd love to take advantage of them. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I was at the Minneapolis show and it was a very fun experience. It was the first time I was at First Ave for an "all ages show", and wasn't used to having the upper tiers and lower tiers separated by age. All in all a very good time, really enjoyed that you guys pull off what you've recorded in the studio, and do it with so much emotion and strength. Looking forward to seeing you guys again! Thanks

Stephanie said...

Thanks again for letting us meet you guys Roy! I have a blog too :) I uploaded pictures onto mine. Its: www.lilworkerb.blogspot.com
Your bass work is amazing. Thanks again for being so nice to everyone!

Unknown said...

I definitely enjoyed the show at First Ave. in Minneapolis and I'm sorry the crowd didn't get into it enough. I was definitely enjoying every moment of it from front and center, and you had some great moments to shine in the show.

Yeah, Darren wasn't going to make it far on a crowdsurf, and the chasm between the crowd and the stage was pretty big. I'd be frickin' scared if I was standing on a drum like that. Actually, scratch that, I'd never do anything that crazy.

Also, the light show and effects were amazing. You guys had more lights on that stage than most acts twice your size!

Elaine said...

Roy -

Loved your show at the Newport in Columbus. First concert for my sophomore daughter. She's posted on her Facebook what a cool time she had. She saved her $ up to go - I won the Ohio State football pool at work to pay for my ticket! LOL

Our kids are into indie and foreign bands - which is cool for a set of high schoolers! Some of their high school friends are getting interested in your music. Better yet - I'm the "cool mom" since I really get into concerts and took her out...on a school night! Isn't that funny?

Wish the Cols. crowd was more into the show, although I think Natalie and I ticked off a few people behind us. How can you possibly stand still thru something that awesome? It's the Midwest, what can I say?

You guys remind me of some of my friends that were into doing gigs, making their own types of music, and catching the latest bands around town from off-beaten-path clubs. Wonder what those guys are doing now? ;)

Anyways - thinking of you all as you rack up those miles. Your concert was incredible. We're bummed since we don't live anywhere near where you'll be again on tour. To everyone reading this: You've just gotta be there to know what I'm talking about.

Remember when you're exhausted: You guys and crew make a difference. Thanks again.

Tim said...

I was at the show at First Avenue and you guys once again blew my mind! Great show! I'm sorry about the crowd...it was much better when I saw you guys back in Winnipeg a few years back. I had a blast there too. I'd love to see you guys there again. Though I'd definately drive to Minneapolis to see you guys again.

Anonymous said...

Just saw you guys for the first time, at Revolution in Ft. Lauderdale.

Can't tell you how much we loved the show. I've been to hundreds of concerts, and am not given to hyperbole... but that's the best rock show I've ever seen.

I almost regret bringing my 16 year-old son. After your show, I told him it's all downhill from here. He won't see a better show.

Jupiter FL

Unknown said...

Hey Roy. Saw you guys in memphis. I now have no face, as you have melted it off.

Think you could give me a tip on the armistice bass line?

P.S. I sold you Logic pro in Memphis' Apple Store.

Stephen Vandervort said...

Hey Roy - just wanted to say that I'm looking forward to your blog posts about the shows you haven't spilled the beans on - I have a prediction and I want to see if it's true!

Coate said...

Your Chicago HOB show was UNREAL. And that comes from someone who's seen you in 9 times in 6 states in 4 years!

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).