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Saturday, November 03, 2007

11.2.07-11.4.07: Orlando thru Birmingham

Orlando House of Blues (11.2.07) was Mute Math's largest headlining show to-date (approx. 2000). We've played to bigger crowds (Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, etc.), but those crowds weren't only there to see us. This is my favorite HOB venue so far, and we've played at almost every single one now. Best part of the day was running with my dog in the field in front of the Circus de Soleil building, next to the water.

Atlanta 11.3.07 was probably the biggest venue we've ever played. The Tabernacle is truly a gorgeous building; by far, this was the highlight show of the tour. I don't think we'll top this on the remainder of the tour. No offense to past or future shows! Check out what we did the day of the ATL show:

Birmingham 11.4.07 was a sold-out night at Workplay's big room, and the most notable thing of the day was that I was able to spend it with my cousin Felipe, who has just recently moved from Mexico to Alabama. He's enjoying himself in the South. We hadn't seen each other in about 4 years.



Melanie said...

SO, was Dakota considered an artist or part of the crew. :) Sweet. The video was making me a little dizzy, though. I'm so glad you are getting to spend time with family/friends. I always think that's important.

The ATL instore performance was a treat. Thanks. I might put it on my myspace if you don't mind. :) Not sure where I'll fit it in yet.
I love it when you, Darren & Paul all get into the percussion.

BTW, I'm offended that you like ATL better. ;) JK I'm not really. I'm actually glad it went well.

God's blessings, Melanie

cass said...

man thanks so much for playing "you are mine" in birmingham... it absolutly made my night.. my opinion of mute math (which was already soaring), went a few thousand feet higher... you guys are the best band in the world, hands down.

portorikan said...

Great performance at the Tabernacle and the Criminal Records in-store. I wanted to say what's up, but ya'll had to run to sound check pretty quickly afterwards, but then I thought, well, we don't even know each other, what would I say apart from what everyone says? So I'll just say it here.

Great show! It made the 5 hour drive from Tallahassee, Florida to Atlanta all the more sweeter.

Thanks and hopefully, I'll get to catch you guys soon (after a well deserved break).

kingofbother said...

Dakota must have been going nuts with the smells on the bus. P U

Jennifer said...

Hehehe. I didn't get to watch those videos until just now. I especially enjoyed the feet one. Your dog is adorable. (In a manly sort of way, naturally.)


Paul got himself a little coat rippage on that other vid. I really liked Greg's acoustic playing, too.


P.S. - Watch out for the ceiling fan, Darren! Only you can prevent hat carnage. <:O

r.d. said...

It definitely felt like 2,000 people at HOB Orlando! That's cool it was the largest headlining show. I really enjoyed it (despite a somewhat lousy view from the second floor)...it was great to be able to catch you guys in concert. Thanks for playing "Peculiar People," my sister and I were hoping you would!

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