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Friday, November 02, 2007

10.30.07: Charleston, SC: Music Farm

We hadn't been to Charleston in quite some time, perhaps a year and half, when Mute Math was finishing up the encore portion of the album release tour with The Working Title (TWT), who I was able to hang out with (both past and present members). Of all the bands we've toured with, TWT has probably been the most fun. We'd play football (TWT vs MM) every chance we got, and MM would always win. (It helped that none of MM smoked, I guess; let's face it guys, it made us a bit stronger, faster, better.) Anyway, Joel Hamilton from TWT played a quick acoustic set before Eisley, and it was wonderful to hear his melodic voice. Check out his music.

The Charleston show went well despite Paul sporting a 103 degree fever. I was truly amazed that he was able to pull off the concert so well. He is one of the most ambitious, driven persons I've ever known in my life. It's both inspiring and exhausting to watch him work and work along side him.

In order to break up the routine of the tour, I decided to change things up by bringing out my little best friend, Dakota. This was her first time on the bus, which was good even though it took her a while to get acclimated to all the new sights and smells; this second Music Farm (the first was memorable since we only played to about twenty people about two years ago) will be very special to me because it was her first MM show.



Melanie said...

Joel has a nice voice.

I've always had the same impression of Paul. He really performed with 103 deg. temp? Wow. It seems when I see him he is always working hard. I hope he's feeling better now. I would hate for him to make himself really sick. Make him rest when he's not performing. LOL

So cool that you got to bring Dakota on the bus. :) I know how much you love her company. Very cool. My big moose, Daisy, would be like the proverbial bull in a china shop on a bus, I think. I wonder how Rocky would do, though. LOL Did you get pics?


Anonymous said...

Hey Roy. Great blog.
I went to your concert last night in Ft. Lauderdale...it was amazing, of course. :-) I posted a blog about it. Perhaps you can check it out if you get the chance.


Anonymous said...

hey man

first off let me say im loving this blog, and I think it will especially help out my bass player...

I abosolutly cannot wait for this sunday's perfomance in birmingham alabama... I know you guys probably already have a set list planned and can't stray too far from it due to time constraints, but if at all possible, could you guys consider playing "you are mine"

im praying paul gets to feeling better!

Martyne said...

Love that you mentioned TWT - aside from MM, they're a favorite of mine. I first heard them when I saw you guys at Irving Plaza on the Mae tour back in '05. They went on before you did and I absolutely LOVED them. Haven't stopped listening since.

Aw, Dakota. That's awesome :) Hope Paul feels better.... he's definitely a trooper!

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).