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Friday, November 02, 2007

11.1.07: Ft. Lauderdale: Revolution

Family was the best part of this show. I had my beautiful wife, my funny father-in-law, my sweet brother-in-law, my excited cousin, my chill uncle, and my lovely dog all with me at this show. I couldn't ask for anything more. No trick or treating for me this Halloween; instead, it was a nice family dinner of Dominican food: tostones, arroz con pollo, repollo, etc.

As far as the show was concerned, we had a wonderful time with all the people. This venue was much nicer than the Culture Room, with definitely a lot more room and viewer-friendly layout.



Melanie said...

Well, this might seem weird, but I get excited when artists get to be with their families. I think it makes me feel a little better about the fact that they have to be away so much. So cool that you got to hang out with everyone. :) Ummmm... I like chicken with rice. LOL Hey, I remember a few words. LOL

Jen said...

Thanks, Melanie. I was wondering what arroz was. :)

Rob said...

this show was amazing....just when you think it can't get any better with you guys, IT DOES....Ft. Lauderdale loves you guys

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