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Sunday, February 03, 2008

1.29.08: Charlotte, NC: Cricket Arena

I remember playing at this venue a long time ago with Earthsuit; it was for some outreach/gathering thing with Grits. Anyway, it sounded washy back then and still sounds washy today. The sound just bounces everywhere out of control, no definition, especially in the low end. Nevertheless, we had a great time because the crowd was probably the hypest of the tour to-date; I felt we had a lot of fans there; I heard people shouting our name. Anyway, we are still not getting a soundcheck, and it's a lot of last minute getting up there after doors are open and doing our best to make the most of the opportunity. In spite of this, I've had a great time on this tour; the MB20 guys are really cool. After every show, I see Rob on the side of the stage; he watches us everyday. I think little by little we are growing in our "arena playing" chops. Maybe, one day soon will be headlining these places ourselves; who knows?



chris zak said...

Hey man, arena show or hole in the wall - I'll be there every time!

Jen said...

Well, I'm all for your success and happiness, but I do rather enjoy being able to see you when I come to a concert...

And, you know, the price is right.

-Jen the groupie

Melanie said...

Not having the sound check all set must be tough for you guys because everything seems so precise when you play normally.

As for playing arenas, I have no doubt you'll be filling them sometime. It's good to hear the MB20 guys are so cool. I bought one of their older cd's, and will get the newest one probably before the tour. I've listened to it on Rhapsody and it sounds good. So, you can tell them Mute Math helped sell a cd or two. ;)

I'm still excited for the show, but will be bummed if I don't get to see you, although I'm not expecting it.

I have a counter up for the show on my myspace. It will happen barely over a month from now... hard to believe.

margygraham said...

Great job in Charlotte! It was really weird to watch you all play in a larger venue. I was the only person around me clapping or even paying attention in the beginning, but I think my excitement got the other people more excited. I look forward to seeing you all again for the fifth time! Keep up the great work, Roy!

Bertman316 said...

No soundcheck.....?! Sounds counter-productive from a promoter's standpoint. Anyway, I hope that you get to those big venues as headliners, but remember - even The Beatles wanted to get back to the smaller venues after a while!

Kim B. said...

Even though I am sure that you all could rock the big house night after night, it's the little places that sometime bring more love.

Thanks for these updates. It's nice to know you all are still alive

Kevin Decker said...

"Sound check? We don't need no stinking sound check." lol! But really, that sucks!
You guys always make the show feel spontaneous. I imagine you Rock Hard even without a sound check... after all you are the schist.... ok, bad pun.

portorikan said...

Earthsuit! Yeah, I remember catching you guys play at Rock the Universe in Orlando. It was the only band I really wanted to see at the time. Man, I can't remember when that was, but I remember sitting there singing along to the songs and thinking,

"¡¡Holy Crap!! This bass player and drummer are freakin' ridiculous!" You guys were awesome even though there were sound problems at the time with the microphone not working right and the floor tom mic not being on or working.

Good stuff. Sucks you haven't gotten a sound-check though.

hailee said...

quick question! when is the release of the new video going to be? thanks!

Kevin Decker said...

HA! I just found an old picture of Paul, Adam, and Dave (Rumsey, I think) standing at the product table with my wife and me. I don't Know where you (Roy) and Hutch are but your not present :(. One of you might have shot the pic. The pic was from Festival Con Dios 2001.??? I went there just to see Earthsuit and The Benjamin Gate (R.I.P.). Earthsuit ROCKED. Adam was wearing some big red Bono type glasses. Stage right could not contain Paul. He was like a super ball bouncing crazy! I had a great time.

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