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Monday, January 28, 2008

1.28.08: Atlanta, GA: Phillips Arena & "Chaos" Bass Lesson

Yesterday, I spent all day working on a new track in a hotel room overlooking downtown Atlanta. It was a lonely day, but one well spent. I don't have much to write about, but I will leave you with two videos:

Here's a bass lesson of "Chaos" - I had fun making this.

And, here's a short clip of the Tampa show -



Maria said...

CHAOS was the first MM bass line I tried to learn!
Thanks for the lesson now I will be able to play the official MM way :)

So exciting to see the clip from Tampa. Your hair is getting so long. Try not to cut it before you come to Vancouver!

Michelle and I were driving blasting our MM while we drove excited that the show is coming up in a month!

ブライアン said...

I could listen to your playing all day! What was the setlist like? I heard you guys could only play 4-5 songs. That sucks. We're all waiting for that new album and that world tour a'coming!!

jcarter13 said...

Chaos looks really cool I need to pick up a guitar. I wish you guys were playing smaller venues along with your tour. I want to see you in New York but I feel like a $70 ticket isn't worth sitting in the nosebleeds. COME BACK TO THE FILMORE!

chris zak said...

i never get that tired of that breakdown...

Kevin Decker said...

Cool Lesson. I was just getting ready to pick the notes out on the bass so this saves me time (and its more fun)! Thanks!

I like the live vid as well.

When you write and record while on tour, is the whole band present? What are you using to record? :)

Dallas said...

Hey Roy,

I love the bass lessons. Thanks a ton for taking the time to record them for us. I was wondering, is there any possible way you could get Greg to tab, or record a lesson, for the guitar parts to Typical and Chaos?

Melanie said...

LOL.. if you only play 4 or 5 songs, then that would mean I was paying more than $10 per song. ;) It will be worth it, I'm sure. I'm sure your set will be too short. At least I think the other artists will be good as well, so that helps. At least I hope they will be.

I was just wondering if it was hard to play that slowly. I know when I type it's easier to go fast and I sometimes make as many mistakes when I try to slow down. Just curious. Cool video.


Melanie said...

Oh, video should be plural.. cool videos. :)

kingofbother said...

Participating in the new video was an awesome experience for Jen and I. I figured that you guys would be surprised to see us. When will we be able to see it? If you need any help getting Wendy to the airport from Buffalo let me know. We may not be able to get tickets for the show. It seems to be sold out right now. Watching the bass lessons is fun. Keep it up.

Bertman316 said...

Pretty cool on the drum kit, Roy. Gotta' feel great behind the set in the big arenas.
See you in The Big A on V Day.....

Jessica said...

hmmm....you're making me think that i should really start looking for some good tickets to the houston or dallas show.

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