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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just in case you're going to my hometown area . . .

Security Information from the Police Department regarding the events occurred at Rio Bravo and Reynosa during this week where the Police and the Mexican Army have been confronting a Criminal group. There have been several shootouts around the city and some people have been killed and several of them were arrested. Based on the police reports and the media this kind of events could continue happening in Reynosa and Rio Bravo as the criminal groups continue fighting against the Federal Police in several places around the city. It is important to clarify that the Civil population is NOT the target of these armed groups during shootouts.

In case you are stopped by the Police (AFI, PFP) or the Army in a check point please act as follows:

1. Slow down your vehicle speed.

2. Turn your vehicle flash lights on to let them know that you are obeying the order to stop.

3. At night turn your vehicle interior lights on and put your hands on the steering wheel.

4. Do not carry unnecessary stuff in your car to speed up the inspection.

5. Please be collaborative at any moment and remain calm.

6. Avoid driving at high speed if Police or the Army are close to you.

7. Always have an ID with you.

8. Avoid driving on the main streets during the worst traffic hours.

In case you are close to a shootout....

- Lay on the ground and cover your head with both hands.

- If you are in a car, stay there....lay on the ground and protect children if you are traveling with them. DO NOT go out of the vehicle and run, you could be considered a criminal that is running away.

- Avoid any potential risk and if is possible do not go out at night.

- We hope this situation will be resolved soon but in the meantime be alert and informed at any time.

- Please share this information as appropriate.



Bertman316 said...

Pretty scary.
And I thought New York was bad.....

Melanie said...

Wow, that's kind of a scary scenario - not only the dispute between criminals and federal authorities, but because it sounds so much like a police state situation.

#4 would totally get me into trouble. LOL


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