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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Without music, life would be an error -Nietzsche

My first two black gospel albums were Fred Hammond's Spirit of David and Hezekiah Walker's Live in Atlanta at Morehouse College. In the mid-1990s, I had never heard anything like this before. The church music I grew up with was Catholic hymns, mainly played with only acoustic instruments and out-of-tune singers. "Alabaré, alabaré . . ." Ouch!

Anyway, it's been about two years since I last had the opportunity to play this type of music live. When I recently filmed the video below, I just thought I'd give it a try, and it was too much fun. I had to share with you.

As I played this song, my mind flooded with memories of Sunday morning at New Home Church in New Orleans, and other similar experiences in NOLA.

I hope all my friends there are doing okay. If you ever read this or watch this, please know that my experience at New Home during those years was pivotal in my musical education. I still am learning from those times. Thanks, and I miss you.

Update note: sorry everyone but I needed to remove this video because of copyright issues. As an artist myself, I want to respect Fred's works. By the way, no one asked me to do this. It is by my own accord and consideration for Fred Hammond. However, I will continue to put up videos, but more like the others on this blog. Thanks.


Loretta said...

"Raise up-ah
Send a praise up-ah
Raise up in here-ah
Send a praise up-ah and wiggle from syde to syde,
Cuz He's here-ah
Right now"


I don't care what'cho do, but what you need to know is VICTORY is in your PRAISE!!!

You play and I'll sing!!!

Funkeeeee, so FUNKY!!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alright Alright!

Put your hands together and let the praise begin!

Roy, You got it GOIN' ON!!!


Okay, I need to play this again!!!

Can you see me movin??? LOL

Melanie said...

Rats! I missed it.. ya snooze ya lose. LOL But I actually think it's cool that you considered the issues involved and acted accordingly.

Loretta said...

Yo le dije.

Stephen said...

My first introduction to Fred Hammond came with 'Purpose By Design' and I worked backwards. That album was instrumental in a lot of emotional healing in my life.

Anonymous said...

Your Catholic parish should have stuck with its traditional, poised, clear, balanced Hellenic music instead of maudlin hymms or raucous effusions. The emotional is, after all and more often than not, the enemy of the spiritual.

"Should it really be the supreme virtue of a performance, as the virtuosos of musical performance now seem to believe, that one must under all circumstances achieve an hautrelief which is simply unsurpassable? Is not this, when applied to Mozart, for example, the true sin against the spirit of Mozart—the cheerful, enthusiastic, tender, enamored spirit of Mozart, who was happily no German and whose seriousness is a gracious, a golden, seriousness and not the seriousness of a German Philistine? . . . But apparently you think all music must leap out of the wall and shake the Listener to his very intestines . . . Only then you consider music effective. But on whom are such effects achieved? On those whom a noble artist should never impress: on the mass, on the immature, on the blasé, on the sick, on the idiots, on Wagnerians!" - Nietzsche

Kewyn Appadoo said...

oh noooo! I miss that video! Such a great cover!

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).