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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mute Math on David Letterman: 7.17.07

I arrived in New Jersey on July 16, 2007 around 8:00 am. During the following hour and a half, I rode in a van, a train, a subway, a sidewalk, and a taxi to get to our first order of business: a photo shoot in Brooklyn.

I was able to take some shots from the roof of the building where Mute Math did the photo session. It was a beautiful building, with a lot of inspiration.

The day continued with making our way back to the city to have a conference call with a video director and to do an interview for Fuse TV. While at Fuse, Mute Math ran into Underoath; they were really nice guys. I had met a few of them while on Warped Tour the summer before.

This day was overwhelming to say the least. First of all, just walking into the studios, I got a sense of tradition and history. From the old school balcony to all the pictures on the walls on the dressing and green rooms of past performers (The Doors, Rolling Stones, James Brown, etc.), I felt honored to be in such a place. The last time I had been in this building was eight years prior as an audience member, watching Chris Rock and Six Pence None the Richer.

Then, I was sitting in the green room closest to the stage, and in walks Will Lee, the bassist for the CBS Orchestra. I've been watching this guy on TV and reading about him in music magazines since I first started playing bass 15 years ago. He was great to talk to since he had a lot of interesting stories, mainly about New York. This is him below:

Next, while in make-up I came across one of cutest English Bulldogs ever: Matzah Ball. I didn't know it at the time, but this is Adam Sandler's dog. She was really chill and funny. I love dogs.

Finally, the whole reason why I'm in NYC comes to a head within minutes. Right before I go on, I see Adam Sandler, and I shake his hand and ask him how he's doing. He's really nice and wishes me good luck. Before I know it, David Letterman is introducing us, and I start up the feedback to kick into the song. It seems like the shortest version of "Typical" Mute Math has ever played, which technically it is (3:30), but it really flies by. On our way out, Will and Adam tell us "great job" and how they are "going to listen to the cd on their way home." Wow! did all of this just happen?

Finally, something happened that put the night over the top. I was walking in Times Square after dinner looking for a place to watch the Late Show, and all of a sudden, our video came on over one of the jumbo-trons. Right there, in the heart of Times Square, "Typical" was being shown. Mute Math watched in awe. It was a time to remember.


Martyne said...

Absolutely astonishing! The FUSE interview, the Letterman performance, “Typical” exposed in Times Square…wow. Who knew the members I witnessed on stage as Earthsuit for the first time 5 years ago in that small church in NJ would gain such notoriety. It’s SO well deserved :) Congrats on everything!

Loretta said...

"Wow! did all of this just happen?"

I'm queasy just feeling the emotion you must have felt by all that took place.

You look elated standing next to Will Lee. I understand the feeling! ;-)

"Typical" on Times Square!!!!
WOW WOW y WOW!! Hijole!

I agree w/Martyne. . . 5 years ago. . . who knew?

Well. . . we all know who did. . . El Shaddai!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful time of your life with all of us. . . familia, primos, amigos, hermanos en cristo. . . those of us who wish to call ourselves fans of MM.


Bert Saraco said...

We all knew it was coming.... So glad we were there to be part of this triumph! A great moment in Mute Math history!

Melanie said...

I got so excited for you just reading this! What an amazing time. Some friends tried to get me to Letterman once, but things kept happening and we ended up seeing Conan instead. I still have the standby tickets somewhere, though. Funny thing, I watched the show with Sixpence. I was on vacation in CO and saw it at the hotel. LOL

It had to be surrealistic seeing the video on the screen like that. What an amazing thing (and great timing, too!)

You guys did an amazing job on Fuse and Letterman!! :)

fusedemotion said...

Hey Roy,

Words can't express how proud I am of you guys. Keep the faith.


Chris Quinn said...

Hey Roy!

Met you in Glasgow, Scotland in February earlier this year. It was an honour. I'm just blown away with all that's happened for you guys in those short months since we met - incredible! I wish you all the best for the future - I always knew you guys would hit it big! See you in Glasgow later in the month - can't wait for it!

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