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Monday, July 16, 2007

David Letterman

I'm on my way to New York to film for the David Letterman show on Tuesday, July 17th. I recently found out that Adam Sandler is the other guest, which pumps me up more because I really think he's proper comedy genius.

As we move down the road, my mind races with scenes from all the different performances I've seen on this show since I was young, but one performance sticks out in my mind: Red Hot Chili Peppers "Higher Ground" 1990. I think their energy and vibe was really exciting to me at the age of 13. I lived my adolescent life to their soundtrack. I'd skate to their music; I'd dance to their music; I'd learn my instrument to their music; etc.

Now, actually having the opportunity to play the show is a dream come true. I hope we perform with the same intensity and energy as the Peppers.


Loretta said...

Recuerde tire en la oreja o en algo para mí.

I WILL be watching!

Have a great time!!!

Abrazos Grandes!

Stephen said...

Cool, congrats!

Bert Saraco (Bertman316) said...

We'll be at Letterman's show!!
Have a great time, good luck, etc. ... hope we can make contact. For what it's worth, you're a much better bass player than Sandler is a comedian.

Melanie said...

I'm glad I checked here. I would have hated to have forgotten and missed it!

Adam Sandler gets a tad vulgar for me a lot of times, but I kinda like something about him anyway. He did a Hanakuh song that was hysterically funny. (Agree with Bert, though.)

I loved the interview on The Fuse. I almost missed it, but I didn't. My poor husband was looking on in amazement as I tore through the house trying to make the upstairs tv work. He finally gave in and interrupted his show so I didn't miss it.

Picturing you now with transformers all over your room. LOL I can do that because my son was really into them big time!

You will wow Letterman!!! I have no doubt whatsoever. :)

Melanie said...

O.K. So, I was at MXPX's Xanga site and missed Letterman, but it was all good because I had my darling husband set up the DVR. I sat through the whole show... well most of it - I fast forwarded through the last part of Mike & Mike, and the intro came... Greg started playing, they Darren was getting into the drums and Paul started to sing, and it cut off.
Fortunately, I think Letterman puts up some of his musical spots. I least I hope so... Seriously, I was not happy. Hope you had a great time just the same. Did you get to meet Mr. Sandler?

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