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Sunday, January 21, 2007

1.20.07: Myrtle Beach House of Blues

Officially, it was Mute Math's third time to this particular House of Blues (or as it is sometimes known by bands-House of Rules):
1) opening for Chevelle,
2) opening for Switchfoot, and
3) opening for The Fray.

I only played the latter two shows, and, according to everyone in the band, tonight was definitely the best out of the three. Hopefully, we'll headline this place next time around.

In other news, I've been fairly sick for the last three or four days. I really don't remember exactly how long any more after all the meds and hot teas that have been in my system. I've tried every natural remedy, and I'm coming around, slowly but surely.

Anyway, I've put up one of my Beastie Boys remixes on www.myspace.com/roymitchellcardenas. Check it out. There will be more to come.


Melanie said...

The remix is interesting. I must admit I've never been much of a Beastie Boys fan, though.

I did listen to "The Hummingbird Mass" and that was an amazing piece. By the time you got to the end I was up in the rafters. :) I so love how you write.

BTW, Spanish sounds so pretty when you speak it. LOL I wish I understood it better. Sometimes I pick up things better than I would think I could, and other times I don't get a word.

I am very sorry to hear that you have been sick. I hope you are back to 100% soon. You are in my prayers.


micah said...

I'm driving tonight to Austin from Houston to see you guys again. I'm very excited...

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).