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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Leaving Touring Life Behind...

Hola MUTEMATH amigos!
Many of you know that family is everything to me. I view my role as being a father and husband as top priority in my life. Perhaps, many of you do not realize that I have been a "touring father" for the last 9 years. As you can imagine, trying to balance touring life with my parental duties for my three beautiful children has always been a massive challenge for me. Now, I have reached a point in my life that I cannot continue to make the huge sacrifices that come from being away from my family for long periods of time on the road: from missing important birthdays and family events to being absent from school performances and kids' sports practices just to name a few examples. Quite simply, I just need (and want) to be present for when those closest to me need me.
So, I have decided to stop touring. I will not be performing at future MUTEMATH shows starting May 6, 2017. I imagine there will be opportunities in the distant future to join the guys on stage here or there, and I hope to be involved in future albums. However, it is time for me to step away from touring life and be there 100% for my family. I will continue to make music but centered around my home life here in Nashville.
I want you to know that I'm forever grateful for the past 12 years of touring. Thank you for buying tickets; for taking the effort and time to come out to the shows (sometimes traveling long distances); for standing and waiting in lines; for helping create an energetic atmosphere and inspiring me to perform and play my best; and for all the other things that involve going to see a band do their thing. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of many amazing musical experiences and to have played all around the world to some of the best music admirers in the world. Thank you for making that possible.
Thank you for making many of my dreams come true.
Roy Mitchell-Cardenas
We are so beyond thankful to have toured, made music and gotten to share a significant portion of our lives with Roy. From jamming for the first time in the back room at his aunt's house in New Orleans east to traveling the world. He has left an indelible mark on MUTEMATH, and while we support him fully, we will miss him greatly as well. He contributed immensely to our upcoming record, and of course will remain a great friend. In his stead, our long-time collaborator and friend Jonathan Allen will be joining us on the road. Thank you Roy!


kingofbother said...

I'm going to miss you. I would love to know when you play out in Nashville so I can make the trek and support you. Thanks for all the awesome memories. You were always kind to Jen and I.

OFL said...

Earthsuit brought me out of my musical shell as a kid. Spent the past ~14 years loving every Mutemath album, tour. Thanks for sharing your life with us fans! I've always respected you guys as both musicians and people - who always show kindness & humility towards others (despite being exhausted & on the road) and who recognized what was important in life. Wishing you & your family the best!

One of my favorite photos from one of your shows at the Cains Ballroom in Tulsa, OK. It so happened that my group of 4 pictured with you all played the same instruments you guys in MM do. You can probably figure out who is what by similar expressions:

All the best!

Melanie said...

I think your priorities are straight. That being said, I am so bummed as I was looking forward so much to seeing you on June 24 so secretly hoping you have a family trip planned to UT to perform that day. ;) I can't imagine MM being quite the same without you and your passion. I will definitely miss you. But it is probably better that I miss out than your family to be sure. Just don't lose touch with us all. I already feel that has happened to some extent. I miss hearing from you. Give your beautiful wife and kids all my regards. Thanks for the memories. :)

Diego Figueroa said...

Aunque nunca he asistido a un concierto MuteMath, a través de los años ha crecido en mí un fuerte apego a la música y al carácter de la banda; así como a la porción de la personalidad de sus integrantes que he podido apreciar. Recientemente reanudé mi conexión con su música, especialmente a través de la sesión que grabaron con Twenty One Pilots ( una sesión que considero histórica, bellísima y que no me canso de escuchar). Miro en MuteMath la posibilidad de expresarse de manera abierta y sincera, de conectarse con el prójimo por medio del misterioso mundo musical; ciertamente Roy ha sido parte fundamental de tal posibilidad.

Así que, con mucho pesar recibo la noticia que se distanciará un tanto de la banda. Realmente lo voy a extrañar, aunque no lo conozco. Por otra parte, celebro su acción de amor para con su familia; realmente, tomo como un ejemplo su decisión de abandonar parcialmente a una faceta de su vida tan cercana su corazón, por el bien de aquellos que, indudablemente, ama. ¡ El amor por tu familia es una canción muda, pero más armoniosa que cualquier composición musical Roy!

Deseo que tu familia se una y que goce de la vida.


Diego Figueroa

ATLANTE said...
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ATLANTE said...

Te vamos a extrañar Roy y nunca olvidare que respondiste a un post que hice en el fanpage de la banda. Eres un gran musico y mejor persona, ademas debo decir que MUTEMATH es una de las bandas mas infravaloradas de la historia, simplemente porque en cada tema, en cada nota, en cada escala, en cada linea de cada cancion ponen el alma y siento que no prima el interes monetario sino el puro amor a la musica. Gracias Roy por acompañarnos tantos años y me despido escuchando "CONTROL" del concierto "Flesh and Bones Electric Fun" y estoy seguro que mas pronto que tarde, estaras de vuelta a la supernova "MUTEMATH".

Saludos desde LIMA PERU.

Kyle O'Leary said...

Thank you for creating the soundtrack to my life over the last 12 years. Nothing I write here will be enough to express my appreciation for your talent, persistence, and sacrifice.

A few weeks ago, my 4 year old told me his favorite band is Mutemath.....instant verification that I'm doing something right as a father!

Enjoy your family and welcome to Nashville!

Gina said...

My husband and I have loved all of the beauty and positive energy that Mutemath has put out into the world. You have spoiled us all so much with your talent! We were latecomers to the band, but that made us even more appreciative, I think.

We have tickets to the show at the Wiltern in October, and we will be missing you greatly. Your past show at the Wiltern this last spring was one of the best I have ever attended.

But, if your family needs you and you need your family, there is only one choice. We wish you all of the best.

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).