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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Free Rhythm Section Lesson Series with Stephen Taylor

I'm stoked to announce a free lesson series coming out next week with my dear friend & incredible drummer Stephen Taylor (@stephensdrumshed).
Please see more details below from Stephen:
This free lesson series has been over a year in the making. It drops next week. Signup link is on my profile.
It addresses topics that every drummer (and musician) deals with. Despite how common the issues are, I have never seen a lesson series devoted to dealing with these issues.
I'm joined by my good friend and stellar mulit-instrumentalist, Roy @mitchellcardenas (check out the band Mute Math to hear his work). We're going to be discussing and demonstrating:
What is locking in?
What does it sound like?
What is pushing the beat?What is pulling the beat?
How do I know if I'm locked in?
How do I know if I'm over playing?
What IS over playing?
How can I play for the song?
How can I improve my creativity in writing parts?
How can I gain creative confidence?
And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
This one is a lot of fun. It drops next week. It will only be available to watch for a few days. And I would love to have you join us.

Click the link https://www.stephensdrumshed.com/groove-secrets-free-signup to reserve your spot. 

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Anonymous said...

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