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Friday, November 11, 2011

Nagoya: Club Quattro & Tokyo: Shibuya-AX

I took the bullet train (Shinkansen) into Nagoya, which is my favorite way to travel in Japan. I wish the US had something like it, maybe even if it was just along the east coast, following I-95. I doubt that will ever happen. Car and oil industry are in bed with the politicos that would be able to make it happen. We have so much to learn from the Japanese. Anyway, It was a short trip from Osaka to Nagoya but very enjoyable. The sights are wonderful and it's something amazing to travel a such high speeds along the ground. It almost feels like you're not moving because it's so smooth. Bullet train: goes down smooth, every time...

Again, the show in Nagoya was my personal favorite. The audience was insane, and I think we played better that night than the other two in Osaka and Tokyo, which I think were both very good but we had less technical problems in Nagoya and I think everyone's game was a bit more on point. Thank you Nagoya!!!
Here are some photos from the Nagoya show: http://www.smashingmag.com/en/archives/6877

Tokyo: I've been told that Osaka is what California is to America (culturally speaking), and Tokyo is like New York in that same sense. And I find this to be true... And I really love NYC! The funniest thing happened at this show that was probably one of the most Spinal Tap things that has ever occurred to MM. As we were marching in for our intro, our stage manager kept running into these rails that separate the audience general seating area, as one can see in one of the pictures below. It was like we walked into a maze, and everywhere we turned we'd hit a wall. We couldn't get to the stage until a local crew guy showed us the way. It was so comical! I was laughing about it three songs into the set. Despite the surmounting technical issues we had at this show, it was very enjoyable and people were beautifully energetic! Arigato gozaimasu Tokyo! I can't wait to come back to Japan!


Jessica said...

So cool, really makes me want to visit Japan some day.

Kyoko said...

Thank you for the amazing shows in Japan!! Every shows were awesome!! Especially, the show in Nagoya was my favorite, too! (*^ ^*)
And thank you for your kindness!!! I am so happy to meet you! There are no words to express my appreciation.
I feel very lonely to think of you away from Japan...(;_;) Thank you for the enjoyable memories. Please come back Japan, again.
I hope you will be prosperous and successful after you return to your country. Please take care of yourself. Thanks again.

Haruka said...

Thank you soooo much for coming back to Japan!!!! MUTEMATH is the best artist in the world for me :)

I saw 3 crazy and amazing shows. All shows were really awesome!!

You really love the Bullet train, don't you? haha
I love it, too <3
Were you able to see Mt. Fuji?

I believe you come back here soon!!
It's my sincere hope that you and your family are always happy.

Hasta luego ;)

Osamu Sawada said...

Thank you for coming back to Nagoya. The Show on Nov 9th was AMAZING!! It was the best show in this year.
I also want to thank you guys for the radio interview right after the show.

Hope MM will be back very soon!


Osamu from "ZIP-FM RealRocks".

Anonymous said...

Japan was fun? Live in Tokyo was great. When is the next coming? I can not wait!

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).