Summer 2016: The Forum, Los Angeles, CA (photo by David Tosti)
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Life as a Father . . .

Things in this place are not as they seem:
Faces change as fast as people predict
What is not theirs to know,
What is not theirs to believe.
No one really knows the TRUTH
Until they walk down the path themselves.
And, as the path narrows,
It also grows more difficult but
Influence grows into something so
Beautiful, inspiring
Hopeful, admiring

Life as a father
Moves me everyday,
Pushes me along in forms of
Abrazos, hugs,
Besos, kisses,
"No(s)!" and "don't(s)"
Watchful and tired eyes
Try to predict
What is not theirs to
Know or believe, but
Can only guide dreams into
Becoming TRUTH...


Anonymous said...

Roy, that was Simply beautiful. Since becoming a mother, I've been amazed at how my daughter is coming into her own. The love I feel for her is like no other. It is fear, hopes, happiness, uncertainty, and joy all in a matter of minutes. Even then, it is the blessing I'm most honored to have. Cheers to our children! - Ruth Cesar McAllen, TX

Bertman316 said...

Carina and I are going through it all again, babysitting for our little grand-niece, Winnie. It's like having a fourth child sometimes. Watching the development is amazing, and the love is big, soft, and plentiful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Roy. A thoughtful piece hits the spot as I wake my own little ones on a foggy California morn. Goodness and mercy accompany us on the journey. Grace to our weary watchful eyes along the way

Dayna-Marie said...

Absolutely beautiful! I don't have any children but I can certainly appreciate the love my father has for me. I'm very blessed to have him in my life, as I'm sure your son is to have you in his. Blessings! & Thank you! =)

Melanie said...

So sweet. :) I cant believe how grown up he is already.
I have two granddaughters now, one is almost 17 months, the other turned a year old Dec. 11. I see the 17 month old nearly everyday. There is never a dull moment. :)
They definitely have their own personalities.

Stephanie said...

Very beautiful words, and picture. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

¡Simon Que Si! I really love this one bro! ¡Manda me un autograph copy para ser la frame! Sorry for the spanglish. You know who this is.

Aaron said...

After growing up and getting jaded about a lot of things it's great to see the world through young eyes again. So many firsts, so many wonders forgotten, the renewed will to take on adventure. It's great being a father.

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