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Friday, April 16, 2010

Milwaukee, WI: Eagles Ballroom

Awesome feeling tonight at the show for me, that is, something reminiscent of the old days.

Set list was as follows:
1. The Nerve
2. Backfire
3. Armistice
4. Chaos
5. The Fight
6. Spotlight
7. Collapse
8. Typical
9. Break the Same

Bass inspiration of the day came from one of my all time favorite groups; they were very influential on me development as a young musician, too.

Thank you Jerry Scheff for laying this down for The Doors. Jim Morrison: R.I.P.



Alaythea said...

I love hearing your inspirations for the day! Glad the show went well...the set list looks great. I checked on tickets for the Charlotte, NC show and saw it's an outdoor amphitheater. Outdoor shows always have a different feel then indoor shows. We are still debating coming - it seems a shame to let you guys comes so close and not see you when we've traveled 5 and 8 hours to see you recently!!!

Melanie said...

Glad the show went well. Looking forward to May 8. :)

Alaythea, I've seen them outdoors. I wouldn't miss it, if I could help it. :)

Alaythea said...

This would be our 5th time seeing them, Melanie, the first time we saw them was outdoors and it was great!!! Indoor and outdoor shows just seem to have such a different feel to them, at least for me! I really don't want to miss seeing them but we aren't sure yet.....since we saw them this past weekend!

Joseth Gamboa B. said...

You and Mute Math are a great inspiration for me, im a Bass player and your style and energy are an inspiration...
I would like to have MM here in Costa Rica but... obviously isnt easy
Espero que la gira sea un exito y que continuen aportando de forma tan original

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).