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Monday, April 20, 2009

New Music Videos ("Spotlight" + "Nothing to Worry About")

Hello: hopefully by now you have seen Mute Math's new music video for "Spotlight," but just in case you haven't, see the link down below (or maybe the youtube vid will work?). It was a painful and exhausting process to shoot this video but amazingly fulfilling. We filmed it in our actual band van in one take, one shot, and at 60% slower speed; so, it took us about 10 minutes of actual filming/"trying to hold ourselves up while performing" as the van rode around its carefully planned route. The result: lots of bruises and scraps and an energetic video. Also, check out the new Peter, Bjorn, and John video; it's not only a great song but killer video too. I can't wait to go to Japan!



David Ball said...

I LOVED this video! You guys keep pulling out amazing stuff. We are all on the edges of our seats - ready to adore the new album!!

Melanie said...

I've been meaning to post and tell you that I did see the video. You were just a bit hidden in the back a lot. I still enjoyed the video. You guys are always so creative. Gotta love it! Miss you all. Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I know this is off topic, it has no relation to the topic other than being mutemath-centric, but I think its the only way to get a direct answer from the band member! (You guys must receive lots of mails through your website which probably get delivered only to the website manager)

In your DVD, there are two unknown songs played in the "behind the scenes" clip - one during the opening titles, and another midway into the video. Will they ever be released?

Vintage cab used on MM debut (two 15" Jensen speakers).